November 23, 2013

Saturday special #2

I'm thinking of buying this dress from pull & bear. I already can imagine myself wearing it.
I think that these hyper realistic sculptures by Ron Mueck are amazing. They are really disturbing but cool at the same time. See more here.

Already feeling Christmas spirit, especially after this insane video.
Contacts and connections
Sundays on the street
Cure for stomach ache
These are some cool minimalist pictures that show difference between East (China) and West (Germany). See more here.
Some extremely beautiful pictures of my country - Lithuania. I always thought that out landscape was beautiful but even I did not think it's that beautiful from above. See more here.

A beautiful idea to make the world a place where there are more friends than strangers

Some stunning portraits of the world's remotest tribes before they pass away. I highly recomend to see more of these incredible views here.
Understanding all the sayings directly
That's just too cute! A toddler takes daily naps with his 2-month-old puppy. If you're not overwhelmed with cuteness just yet, then you can see some more pics and the the story behind it here.
I've been obsessed with this song lately. Lyrics are Lana del Rey's, the tune is from an amazing movie 'requiem from a dream' and Bastille is the one performing it. It doesn't get better than that!

Have an amazing rest of the weekend
Love, Kamile


  1. Replies
    1. Taaaip! Viskas, kas geriausia yra į ją sudėta:)

  2. Oh I remember that tune from Requiem for a Dream! :)
    Lithuania is so beautiful! Quite different from Portugal, I'd love to visit it.
    Love to see babies and puppies together, it's so heartmelting!

    1. That tune always sends shivers down my spine.
      Yeah, they are both extremely different but both still really beautiful.
      Babies and puppies are the two of the cuttest things ever and when combined, they are too cute!
      Thank you, Nancy:)