June 30, 2013

A few weeks ago my blog was nominated for the Liebster award by an extremely wonderful girl Cat. I was delightfully surprised because of the obvious reason - my blog has only 5 followers. I thought that nobody actually reads or likes what I write. The nomination was surely unexpected but I was really happy that someone appreciates what I do here. It's just too bad that I was extremely busy lately and hadn't had time to answer the questions or nominate any other blogs. So I'm doing it now. 
I must admit - I'm not a very good blogger and I don't follow many blogs myself. I like to carefully choose what I read and sadly most of my liked blogs have more than 200 followers. That's why there aren't 11 blogs that I could nominate for the award.

11 facts about me:
1) If I wouldn't be studying medicine, I would love being a photographer.
2) My favourite food in the whole world is icecream
3) I love my cat more than I love people
4) I adore the french language
5) I never been anywhere that's not Europe even though I feel like I've seen the whole world already
6) I have 10 cousins
7) I love to read, however I barely find time for it
8) I believe in reincarnation
9) I think that water is the tastiest thing on Earth
10) I love pot plants but I always forget to take care of them
11) I'm a cinemaholic. I can't get enough of those movie theatres with their fresh popcorn smells and their big comfy chairs.
My answers:
1. Who is celebrity crush?
Definitely Leonardo diCaprio. I was not his biggest fan earlier but since watching the Great Gatsby I think I'm in love with him.
2. Weirdest experience?
Falling off a skateboard when I was about 11. I somehow thought that I could ride down the biggest baddest hill ever without falling down. I was sooo wrong.. The fall itself wasn't irregular, the weird thing was that I liked falling off, I liked flying in the air and the landing and sliding on the concrete. I thought it was fun. But then of course the pain kicked in and I forgot everything that was fun about it.
3. Have you any fears?
I have extreme fear of heights, however I love doing anything that makes me defeat it.
4. Chocolate or crisps?
5. Do you match your toenail and finger nail polish?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood.

6. Favourite sweet?
Popcorn covered in milk chocolate.

7. William or Harry?
I don't really have an opinion on this. Maybe Harry?

8. Favourite reality show( if you don't detest them)?
I don't watch much television, especially reality shows.

9.Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?
All the colours are beautiful!

10.Gold or silver?

11. How do you love to spend your weekend?
Relaxing. Spending some time with my dad and my friends. I like to visit local lakes and campsites or get a ride to the seaside.

My nominees:
1) If you could live in any other age or era, which would you choose?
2) Which one do you love the most: Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn?
3) If you could be any other person in the Earth from the begging of the world, who would you choose?
4) Movies or books?
5) Depending on the previous answer - favourite movie/ favourite book?
6) What is the thing that you like blogging about the most?
7) What is the thing that you like reading about in other blogs the most?
8) Chocolate or icecream?
9) Day or night?
10) Who's the most handsome man in the history of time?
11) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
With love Kamile

June 25, 2013

Fever to the form

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my dad's car. We were going for our weekly fishing trip. I gazed out the window wondering how the summer will turn up. From as far as I can remember, I always loved waiting for the summer to come. But when it came I would always feel so disappointed. My summers never were as good as I imagined them to be. As I got older, my skin grew bigger. I learned never to expect too much,sometimes not to expect anything at all. That way I would never get hurt when everything turns out not as I wanted it to. So while painting my summer-to-be on that beautiful spring day, I did not see anything beautiful. Oh boy, how wrong I was.. I can't talk for those two months that are yet to come but so far everything's so magical that it takes my breath away. Sitting by the fire and singing with friends? Check. Waiting for the sunrise while dancing? Check. Swimming in the lake nude? Check. Riding a horse through the city at midnight? Check.

June 18, 2013

And the forests will echo with laughter

It was late afternoon. I laid my tired back on the rough sidewalk in an old train-stop. Closed my sleepy eyelids for a few moments. And suddenly, while sun-bunnies were dancing in my eyes, I smiled a little and realized how happy I felt. My group-mates, which now I can call friends, were gently talking in the background of my thoughts and I would catch some parts of their conversations and laugh loudly at their jokes. I laid there trying to remember when was the last time I felt so secure and calm, I was so thankful for the friendship and happiness those people brought me and I knew that their feelings towards me were the same, they needed my loud laugh just as much as I needed their jokes. As we waited two hours for the train to come to our remote stop, I ran through the life that happened in the past few days - our canoe adventure - all the laughing, peacefulness, sincerity and warmth that these people gave me felt unreal. And at that moment I decided that I would protect these people no matter what, that I cherish every single moment with them and that thare's no 'I' when we're together, there's only 'we'.

June 12, 2013

Smells like summer

That feeling when you can stay up all night without worries. That feeling when you have nothing but opportunities. That feeling when grass is more comfy than your bed. That feeling when you don't need a jacket to go out. That feeling when the wind finds it's way in your hair. That feeling is summer and finally it's kicking in.

June 10, 2013

Song challenge

Actually, nobody challenged me to do this. But I saw this idea in another blog and I liked it so much that decided to do it without anyone asking me too.
A song that makes you dance
A song that makes you sad
A song that reminds you of someone

Even though I don't really like this song a lot but it reminds me of even two lost friends.
A song that reminds you of some place

 Me and my friend had to go on a road trip to Croatia's national park and as we talked about it and imagined it I would always listen to this song. Now this song reminds me of a place I should have visited but never did.
A song that reminds you of some event 
This one is my new year's eve. But there are a lot of other ones that remind me something.
A song that makes you laugh
The song itself is not funny, but the expressions of the artist makes me laugh so hard that I even cry.
A song that you know all (or most) of the words
This could be almost every Lana's song.
A song you love in another language
It's a nursery rhyme and we actually had to learn to sing it in Spanish lectures. I think this song is amazingly tender and beautiful.
A song you’re embarrassed to say you love
A song you’re proud to say you love
A song you loved but now hate

I loved it for a week or so and I hate every minute of it.
A song you hated but now love

I don't really like Daft Punk, but there's something about this song.
A song you like in a genre (category) you don’t like
A song with a better cover (than the original)
A song original not likely to be bettered by a cover

There are a lot of covers, but I love the original version the most.
A song that is romantic for you 
I think it's the cutest song ever. 
A song you want to play at your funeral
It's a bit ironic I think, I had to choose between "highway to hell" and "stairway to heaven".
A song you wish you could play or sing (or perform)
A song you wish you could duet with someone (who?)
A song you wish someone could sing to you (who)

One boy that I met 2years ago at the bar who looked just like Paolo.
A song you feel was written for you 

 I found this song when I was 17 and I would always imagine that it was written about me. 

A song about a cause you care a lot for
The first song you can remember loving

I remember when I was about 5 years old and I would always watch the video with my dad on MTV. I truly loved MJ from the beginning of me.

June 4, 2013

So the adventures begin...

Yesterday, when I was supposed to be studying for the exam I had today, I putted all my work and books away and alongside with Marius hitchhiked our way to the seaside. I can not believe we actually managed to do everything in time. Hitchhiking was awesome since I haven't done it for more than a year. We were so successful with cars that we hadn't had to wait for more than 5min for one to stop and take us. When we got to the seaside we rolled around in the sand, I drew a little sun on his belly with some sand to give him a sunburn tattoo (I succeeded!), we chatted a lot when enjoying the extreme warm sun and delightful wind which kept us cool. Before leaving we changed to our swimsuits and ran into impossibly cold water while screaming because of the freezing little waves we ran into. Then we went for some ice-cream, chilled a little on a bench and finished our visit in the seaside by running into a fountain. We hitchhiked our way back home in no time and were home before 10p.m. and I even got some time to study (which I did not). The whole trip was really fun and we both got funny sunburns. The beginning of the summer is definitely awesome!

Oh! And Lana's Del Rey concert is today! I'm soooo excited!