June 18, 2013

And the forests will echo with laughter

It was late afternoon. I laid my tired back on the rough sidewalk in an old train-stop. Closed my sleepy eyelids for a few moments. And suddenly, while sun-bunnies were dancing in my eyes, I smiled a little and realized how happy I felt. My group-mates, which now I can call friends, were gently talking in the background of my thoughts and I would catch some parts of their conversations and laugh loudly at their jokes. I laid there trying to remember when was the last time I felt so secure and calm, I was so thankful for the friendship and happiness those people brought me and I knew that their feelings towards me were the same, they needed my loud laugh just as much as I needed their jokes. As we waited two hours for the train to come to our remote stop, I ran through the life that happened in the past few days - our canoe adventure - all the laughing, peacefulness, sincerity and warmth that these people gave me felt unreal. And at that moment I decided that I would protect these people no matter what, that I cherish every single moment with them and that thare's no 'I' when we're together, there's only 'we'.


  1. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I love this piece you wrote.



  2. This sure looks perfect... xx

    1. Thank you. It truly felt that way:)

  3. Hi I have nominated you for the liebster award. Check out my post