May 27, 2013

Little pieces

A small rock'n'roll concert I went not long back

Father-dauther time

spring spring spring

Trying to study any chance I get

One of my girls turned 20!

We're a three-hand piano-rocking machine

Healthy melon all-girl party that we had

My girls cooking

Something that I need almost as much as air

My little friend does not wan me to study. I totally agree with him

Blossoms on my desk

Milda likes to braid my hair when we're relaxing in our backyard

I adore rainy rides

Can not believe that I took this one with my phone

Wouldn't like stepping into this water without my rubber boots

May 23, 2013

Gatsby? What Gatsby?

 After watching all of "the Great Gatsby" trailers about million times each, me and my bestfriend Eglė went to finally see it in the movie theater last Saturday. I was sooooo excited! I've read the book writen by F. Scott Fitzgerald earlier but because there were no new lithuanian versions of the book printed before the movie came out, I've only read the one printed in 1967 and yeah, that's in soviet union times. As we all know to soviets liked to edit, censor or even cut out some parts or pages that they though were not suitable and appropriate, so that's why I was even more excited to see the movie, because I knew that there will be a lot of parts that weren't mentioned in the version I red.
And all I can say is that the movie did not disappoint me at all. It's soooo great that I don't even have words to describe it. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. And the soundtrack! Amazing! I don't want to spoil any parts to anyone so I'll stop writing now, but everyone should go and definitely see it! If I could, I would go and see it a hundred times more.

My favorite version of the trailer:

Some of the beautiful soundtrack:

May 20, 2013

Monday inspiration

 Lately I've been quite busy, that's why my blog is kinda abandoned . Yesterday I went to a third birthday this month (partypartyparty), studies are piling up (but I'm working on that), I started playing the guitar again and planning to start painting after the exams are over (8th of June!). The air is all summery-like and I'm just so inspired and exited to do everything what is possible. I ride my roller skates as much as my body allows me too, I sleep barely 5hours a day, but I don't feel tired at all. Life's beautiful, that's all I can say and the real summer is just around the corner.