January 26, 2014

Sunday in phone pictures #1

 Now all my exams are over and I can finally enjoy some free life. Every day is now full with fun activities or some relaxing and I can tell you that that's exactly what I need right now.
 Today was a productive day spent with my mom. We rarely do anything together because we're just so different that sometimes I can't stand her and I hate myself that I hurt her so much. Today I promised myself that I'll be on my best behavior and it turned out to be a fun day after all.
 In the morning we went to an expo about travels and free time activities, we tried some games, got a whole bag of booklets and dreamt about going to certain countries that are way out of our budget. In the afternoon we went to ikea and bought some kitchen stuff - that's my weakness - I can never have enough of kitchen gear. Then we enjoyed some salmon and freshly squeezed orange juice in the ikea restaurant. After that we went for more shopping - I bought a new L'oreal Paris face cream. And our adventures ended in Lithuania's music and theatre academy listening to a piano concert. Now I'm going to watch Beyonce's movie "life is but a dream" and end a beutiful day in a beautiful woman's film.

Have a good upcoming week!
Love, Kamile

January 14, 2014


 January is the exam month in university. I've already took two exams and two are still coming. All I've been doing seems to be studying and having short facebook brakes these past couple of weeks. Or if I'm not studying - I'm worrying that I should be. And I also caught a cold so I'm  feeling terrible right now. Having time to blog is out of the question when I don't have time to eat or sleep. So until Jan 23 I'm out. Maybe a bit longer. But take a look at my cat while I'm gone. 
P.S. Tera is his name - it means Earth in latin and a shortening for 'panther' in lithuanian.
- Kamile

January 4, 2014


This beautiful girl is my best friend. We had a little walking adventure last night. We ended up almost freezing to death after our long walk in the night city, so the night finished in a warm bar with hot cocoa and vegeterian pizzas. 

January 2, 2014


Summer festival spirit

For me new year's eve feels like two seperate days. The first day takes the morning and the whole afternoon and then I have my birthday and the second day begins when it's dark and we celebrate the new year's eve. I never actually decided wether I like being born on this crazy day or not. Once I wrote here that being born at this time makes me feel special in some way. And I still believe it somehow does. It's the last day of the year for the whole world and the last day of my year for me.
2013 was the year when I was nineteen. The last year of actually being a teen. There were really good things and awesome experiences. It was the year when I went to four summer festivals. It was the year when for the first time after the times when I was a child I swam in a night lake naked and felt water a lot differently. It was the year when I cried almost everyday without any reason. It was the year when I realised who my best friends are and how I never want to loose them. It was the year when I suddenly understood so many things about life, friendships, love and family and tried to use my knowledge in real life, I failed from time to time but tried to get up again and again. It was the year when sometimes I felt really really old and wise and sometimes I felt so young and stupid.
 There were no tragedies this year and that's a good thing but I felt like I was floating on top of the river that's called life. Everybody was swimming forwards something or trying to swim backwards and I just went where the river took me. Sometimes the river became wild and big waves overhelmed me but I was just floating, not doing anything, not fighting and watching where it gets me. 
 So for new year's resolutions I've only got two things:
1. Stop floating, start swimming. 
2. Be a better swimmer.
It's all very metaphorical and all but it just means to do more things and be better at doing them. It doesn't matter if I decide to teach myself how to play the guitar again or to go on huge hikes, I just need to start swimming somewhere.