January 26, 2014

Sunday in phone pictures #1

 Now all my exams are over and I can finally enjoy some free life. Every day is now full with fun activities or some relaxing and I can tell you that that's exactly what I need right now.
 Today was a productive day spent with my mom. We rarely do anything together because we're just so different that sometimes I can't stand her and I hate myself that I hurt her so much. Today I promised myself that I'll be on my best behavior and it turned out to be a fun day after all.
 In the morning we went to an expo about travels and free time activities, we tried some games, got a whole bag of booklets and dreamt about going to certain countries that are way out of our budget. In the afternoon we went to ikea and bought some kitchen stuff - that's my weakness - I can never have enough of kitchen gear. Then we enjoyed some salmon and freshly squeezed orange juice in the ikea restaurant. After that we went for more shopping - I bought a new L'oreal Paris face cream. And our adventures ended in Lithuania's music and theatre academy listening to a piano concert. Now I'm going to watch Beyonce's movie "life is but a dream" and end a beutiful day in a beautiful woman's film.

Have a good upcoming week!
Love, Kamile

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