February 23, 2014

Like a room without a roof

Today it was finally sunny again. The weather felt so warm that you could go out without gloves and it was nice to just be outside without freezing my ass off (excuse me for the language). When the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, I always feel my mood getting better. All those long gray months can really stress you out. Unlike most people, I really like winter - the snow, the never ending teas, the staying in, getting cozy and watching a movie bundled up in blankets part. But a girl need sunshine, and it's not just me - it's scientifically proven that sunshine makes you produce vitamin D and it's the vitamin of hapyness! So the lack of sunshine really puts all those frowns on our faces during winter. And another thing that I miss during the winter so much is being in the woods. When  it's warm, I spend a lot of time in nature. wether going camping, fishing, mushroom picking, hiking with my dad, or canoeing, horse riding or chilling near some lakes with my friends, I always find myself in the freshness of nature's air. But when it's winter, I don't really get out of the city too much and it starts to drive me more and more crazy when the winter goes on.

So today my mood is really up. But I also learned to handle my problems and my mood not being so dependent on the sunshine. So here's my personal tips on how to stay focused and happy happier while still waiting for spring to come:

1. Go to bed and wake up earlier. I know that everyone's sleep is really different - some people need a lot of sleep, some are fine with just a few hours, but for me (when sleeping the same amount of time) getting to bed earlier means that I'll wake up more motivated and fresh.

2. Go to bed tired. The first tip will not work if you go to bed when you're not sleepy at all and just waste time rolling around and getting irritated of not getting to sleep. My days are hard so I always feel tired even about 4 hours before bed. But if you have a sitting job and use your car getting to places, you should do a little exercise or jog a little about an hour before bed. It will make you fall asleep faster and your sleep will be sounder.
If you don't have an idea what moves you should do during an exercise, you can check out my pinterest "no more excuses" board to find some that suits you.

3. Yoga. Do some easy yoga right after waking up. It makes your blood flow a bit faster and awakens you. It also burns fat and stretches your muscles - which feels really nice in the morning.

4. Eat healthy (or at least healthier). I used to make myself feel better or energized by eating a lot of sweats. Now I seek comfort in fruits and vegetables, even though I didn't give up on eating sweats (but I use them less).

5. Think positive. You'd be surprised how your thoughts affect you. Stop thinking "I can't" and start saying "I can!". It sounds cheesy, but a different attitude makes problems disappear and there are only challenges to step over. And the feeling when you overcome yourself is one of the best feelings ever.

I hope these tips will come in handy to you, 'cause they surely work for me!
Love, Kamile

February 21, 2014

Green Smothie!

As soon as I wrote my last post about taking a break from blogging, I felt extremely inspired to blog again. That's a bit of irony that life gives us, but I'm really glad that that happened. 
Reading one blog I found this 5 day green smothie challenge. For a long time I've read everywhere on the internet about all these healthy green smothies but I never had the courage to try one. But this time I surrendered to my impulses and did it! I've found a lot of information about what to use, what are the benefits and a lot of other useful information here. For some reason I always thought that it's really diffuclt to prepare a green smothie but it's so false! It couldn't be easier! And it's really simple to find the products.
I didn't use some specific recipe, I just put in what seemed tasty to me and it always worked out beautifully. I just followed some of the instructions that I found here.
Here are my recipies:

Day 1: one banana + one kiwi + one pear + few celery leafs. The taste was okay, but I could have used a little less celery.
Day 2: one big pear + two oranges + spinach leafs. For my taste it was really good!
Day 3: half a mango + some pineapple + spinach leafs. Also awesome!
Day 4: one banana + some pineapple + few raspberries + spinach leafs. Pretty pink.
Day 5: one banana + some pineapple + one orange + spinach leafs. I imagined it to be better, but it was tasty enough.
I really think that I'm going to make this a habbit. It's just so good and filling.
If you always wanted to try one, but never found the courage, I highly recommend you too finally do! And if you have any questions, you can always ask me!

Love, Kamile

February 16, 2014

Change Gonna Come

 My blog recently has been quite abandoned. When I started, I loved blogging but time passed and it somehow turned into a chore. I did it because.. Well, I don't even know why. Maybe because I was used to doing it. As days passed I slowly forgot why I created this blog in the first place. My posts became somehow mechanical and forced and that is not what I want to do here... 

 When I started writing or posting here, I didn't read any blogs at all, I just imagined what a blog is and how should mine be. Then I discovered this big blogging world inside my computer and was amazed by it. I started following all these blogs and everyday waiting for new posts to come. But now... I got tired of 90% blogs that I read, it's not that they're bad, but they don't feel sincere to me. Some blogs that at first dazzled my eyes, now look like they're here just for the business. But at first I couldn't see that, they seemed wonderful and professional to me and I started adapting my blog and my thoughts for it to look more like everyone else's. "I should write this!... But, ah, nobody else writes like this... So maybe I shouldn't to..." - these became my thoughs  regularly. But this was not why I started this, I did not need this adaptation of my thoughs and my actions and it is only my own fault.

 So for now, I think I might need a little break to focus on finding who I am and then maybe I will again know what this blog is to me.

Hope, I will see you again soon