February 21, 2014

Green Smothie!

As soon as I wrote my last post about taking a break from blogging, I felt extremely inspired to blog again. That's a bit of irony that life gives us, but I'm really glad that that happened. 
Reading one blog I found this 5 day green smothie challenge. For a long time I've read everywhere on the internet about all these healthy green smothies but I never had the courage to try one. But this time I surrendered to my impulses and did it! I've found a lot of information about what to use, what are the benefits and a lot of other useful information here. For some reason I always thought that it's really diffuclt to prepare a green smothie but it's so false! It couldn't be easier! And it's really simple to find the products.
I didn't use some specific recipe, I just put in what seemed tasty to me and it always worked out beautifully. I just followed some of the instructions that I found here.
Here are my recipies:

Day 1: one banana + one kiwi + one pear + few celery leafs. The taste was okay, but I could have used a little less celery.
Day 2: one big pear + two oranges + spinach leafs. For my taste it was really good!
Day 3: half a mango + some pineapple + spinach leafs. Also awesome!
Day 4: one banana + some pineapple + few raspberries + spinach leafs. Pretty pink.
Day 5: one banana + some pineapple + one orange + spinach leafs. I imagined it to be better, but it was tasty enough.
I really think that I'm going to make this a habbit. It's just so good and filling.
If you always wanted to try one, but never found the courage, I highly recommend you too finally do! And if you have any questions, you can always ask me!

Love, Kamile

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