January 25, 2013


Today the weather was beautiful! So I went out with a friend and what should have been a shopping day turned out to be a photoshooting day.

January 21, 2013

How they move

This last week for me was really interesting. My winter exams finally finished and I passed them all so that's a hurray for me! And I at last started living again. It's been a busy week and the time flew right through me.
 I went out with my friends from university and we had a blast - I could not believe how close we became in this short period of time. We were laughing, dancing and it felt like I know these people not just a few months but more like a few years. And it's a huge change from my classmates from school with whom we were never close.
The day after I met one close friend, then after that - one old friend and it was nice to get some human contact with people that are not from my Uni.
After that I went to a crazy lindyhop party with some friends and I can't even remember when was the last time when it felt so good to move. I totally danced my heart out and barely made it home because my body was just aching but my soul felt ecstatic.
The next day I had to get up early ( 11 in the morning becomes early for me when I'm on vacation) and go to a rehearsal with my partner because we're building a dance for our first(!) show that's only a week away (if I'm not  too embarrassed I'll share the video here). Then I visited my dad (who I miss a lot since we're not living together anymore). And in the evening went to see a play which I really enjoyed. I love theater and it's a shame that I can't go and see it as much as I would like to.
And finally I spent most of today indoors - I baked muffins, watched gossip girl on my laptop and then went to my upstairs neighbour's apartment where we lay in bed, ate my muffins, drank tea and watched TV. I adore these lazy days after such busy weeks, then I can feel harmony inside of me.
Hope that the rest of the vacation will be as nice as it begun.

P.S.I almost forgot! I added a video that I found on "What the Hop is Happening" internet newsletter. It's just something about the way they move - hypnotizing (don't get scared with the creepy beginning - it get's better). So I had to share it:)

January 15, 2013

Zenit #2

On my way to my dad's place

Christmas lights in Vilnius

My lovely grandpa was too shy to smile

Waiting for a movie with Migle

I let my friend play with the camera for a bit

Birthday champagne

Christmas fair

She just loves books

I could just eat them all

Trying to decide

My little shy friend didn't want to smile so I made her laugh

This is the second tape from my old Zenit photo camera that I'm sharing here. The last tape was from the summer of 2010, this one is from december of 2012. I  know it's a bit too late for Christmas photos but I only had time to get these photos done a week ago and I recieved them today. So better late than never, right? I didn't use any photoshop, all the colours are made by the camera and that is why I love it so much:)

January 13, 2013

Summer, when will you come back?

Šis nesibaigiantis šaltis jau atsibodo. Nors ši žiema tikrai graži ir balta - tokia, apie kokias visuomet svajoju, man jos jau gana. Tikriausiai žmogaus prigimtis yra visuomet norėti to, ko šią akimirką negali turėti. Todėl ir aš nesu išimtis: vienintėlis dalykas, apie kurį dabar galiu galvoti, yra vasaaara. Taip norėčiau vėl jausti šiltą vėją pučiantį man į veidą, ištiesti kojas ir žiūrėti į nerūpestingai einantį gyvenimą. Nors dabar yra pats žiemos sesijos įkarštis, be perstojo žiūri į praėjusios vasaros nuotraukas ir kitus likusius prisiminimus. Vasara yra kažkas nepaprasto, mano galvoje tai žodžio "laisvė" sinonimas. Jau dabar įsivaizduoju, kaip gulėsiu naktį ant kvepiančios žolės pas močiute sode ir žiūrėsiu į žvaigžes (aš žiema taip pasiilgstu žvaigždių, nes juk visuomet apsiniaukę), kaip su draugais vėl linksminsimės festivaliuose, kurių man niekada nėra gana, kaip su drauge gulėsime prie jūros, įkišusios pirštus į smėlį ir garsiai skaitysim juokingus straipsnius žurnaluose. Laukiu galėjimo būnant namie tiesiog atsistoti ir išeiti taip,kaip stovi, be jokių apsimuturiavimų šalikais, kepurėm ir paltais. Laukiu to nuostabaus jausmo,kai kažkur keliauji ir tik išvažiavus iš miesto prieš tave atsiveria atviras kelias ir priekyje matai tik milijoną galimybių ir nuotykių. Noriu matyti kiekvieną saulėlydį ir vėliau sulaukti visų saulėtekių. Noriu nuosavo sodo braškių. Noriu vėjo plaukuose. Noriu vasaros.

Mano praeitos vasaros prisiminimai

January 10, 2013

To my dear friend

Today is my best friend's 17th birthday. Even though I'm 2 years older than she is (and it could seem like a lot when you're as young as we are) we still remain best friends. I have known her since childhood: we were born in the same house, our mothers were close friends and of course we played together since our smallest days in the garden behind our house. I still remember how every autumn we bathed in enormous piles of leaves. Every winter we built forts from snow and played the king of the mountain. When the spring came we always would bring all of our jump-ropes, roller skates, scooters, crayons and all the other toys and just play outside. We never stopped climbing trees, our favourite game was to pretend that we're animals like tigers or wolves and just run around the yard on all fours growling or howling. And at summer our parents used to take us to the lake almost every evening after work and we swam until our fingers were wrinkled like my grandma's and then our parents called us to the waterside to get something to eat and we could not be any happier, cause we were hungry as the wolves we pretended to be. We could not give each other a better childhood.
Of course it never was as perfect as it sounds, we used to fight a lot and we still do. But it makes us even better friends. The fact that we accept each other with our flaws and stubborn characters makes us closer. Those fights don't even matter, because it's natural that if you spend so much time with someone, you are bound to get a little anoyed and we are so used to these little fights that after two seconds we forget them and talk without worries. I know that if I need I can always count on her. And she knows the same about me. We can be after our biggest fight and not talking to each other for weeks, but if one of us needs help, doesn't matter if it is small like borrowing a cup of sugar for a pie that you're baking for your classmate's birthday or big as being a shoulder to cry on after your heart was just broken, the other one is there to be the friend in need.
And we never were as close as we are now. Of course we never fought as much as we do now also, but I still can't imagine my life without her. We do so much stupid stuff together and then we laugh our hearts out. One has what the other lacks. And as different as we are, we are in a strange way the same. We can understand each other without words and always say what the other one needs to hear, even when it's hard to hear it at the time. 

And that's why I love you, Egle, because as bad as a friend can be, you are still the perfect friend for me.
Happy birthday!
It's another small video that I made. This one is dedicated to our friendship

January 2, 2013

New Year's!

This is a little video that I made for me and my friends to remember the New Year's eve that we celebrated together. This is the first time, when I spent this day in a small group of close friends. Usually I just went to some big party with friends that I knew just a bit, with whom I was never close... This time I changed the tradition and I don't regret it even a bit. It was the best New Year's eve I have ever had. And I hope this year will be as warm, cozy and full of laugh just as this celebration was. I love you guys!

By the way, the song is MGMT - Kids