December 21, 2015

Autumn hike(s)

I remember myself a few years ago. I was this girl longing for adventure, only able to think about exploring and liking every hiking picture I can find on pinterest but still sitting at home. I remember my excuses for not going on hikes were: "it's too cold/ I don't want to go alone/ I don't have the right shoes/ I have to study/ it's raining/ it's cloudy/ it's too hot/ it's too early/ it's too late" etc. I stayed at home but felt miserable 'cause all I wanted to do was go. I wanted to climb mountains, to explore woods, to wade streams, to soak in the sunshine and to enjoy rain, but I used to not do anything to achieve this. But all this changed this autumn. Somehow I managed to get my ass out of the house one weekend after another and now it became natural to go on hikes every single weekend. And doing this was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. On these adventures I've met people that only thinking about warms my heart, I've made so many friends that just get me, I've seen such beautiful places, climbed so many hills and tried to jump over so many rivers, sat by countless bonfires and sang like 200 000 songs. I've made so many pictures that I could make 20 blog posts and they all still would not fit. But I will try to share just a little fraction of my new found happiness.

- Kamilė

September 10, 2015

#Inspiration: study

I have this folder in my laptop that contains various photos (mostly from pinterest). I open that folder and look at those pictures when I am feeling a lack of inspiration to study. Well, lately I've been inspired to study just because I am very interested in what I am learning. However, there were times when I saw no point in learning what I had to learn and the only thing that kept me from throwing up at the thought of studying was that folder with all of it's beautiful things that remind me how, why and what should I do.
I hope they'll help you too!

 - Kamilė

September 8, 2015

The second half

 The second month of my summer was full. I had practice at a hospital at weekdays and traveled around on weekends.
Well, firstly about my hospital experience. I tried out for the angiosurgery department and got the place there AND it was INCREDIBLE. All the personnel was extra friendly, helpful and they've let me do so much stuff on my own. The whole idea of the practice was that I was supposed to be a nurse's assistant and at first I did that. But after a couple of days they started to trust me and I became something between a resident and a student. I did most of the nurses' stuff too, but also I assisted in operations, saw a lot of difficult surgeries that I was too inexperienced to assist in, went to a lot of consultations with the doctors and even got my hands on some documentation (which was not at all boring as everyone always said!). Unfortunately, I am not one of those students who photograph themselves with surgical scrubs and upload those pictures to the internet. I didn't even make one picture in the hospital, 'cause you know, I go there to work and not to take pictures, but that is sadly why I can't post any moments of my experience there.
Though, in the mornings and sometimes for 24hours straight I lived in the hospital, I still had a lot of free time on my hands this last month. So I tried as hard as I could to make that time count. Not one weekend have I slept in my bed at home. I traveled to some other cities and visited some parties that very unexpectedly were tremendously fun, I had a lot of reading and chilling time in my grandparents' summer house, I had some road trips with new and amazing people, I met a lot of old friends, visited some festivals, I participated in my first bachelorette party and did a lot of other amazing things that gave me so much inspiration and motivation that I can't even describe it.
I only wish that I carried my camera more to have more pictures of this summer. But the camera is heavy and sometimes it blocks the vibe of spontaneity so it mostly lived at home when I did not. However, I still have made a few snaps of my adventures with the camera and some with my phone for instagram. Well... And the rest will live in my memory.

Cheers to autumn!