December 21, 2015

Autumn hike(s)

I remember myself a few years ago. I was this girl longing for adventure, only able to think about exploring and liking every hiking picture I can find on pinterest but still sitting at home. I remember my excuses for not going on hikes were: "it's too cold/ I don't want to go alone/ I don't have the right shoes/ I have to study/ it's raining/ it's cloudy/ it's too hot/ it's too early/ it's too late" etc. I stayed at home but felt miserable 'cause all I wanted to do was go. I wanted to climb mountains, to explore woods, to wade streams, to soak in the sunshine and to enjoy rain, but I used to not do anything to achieve this. But all this changed this autumn. Somehow I managed to get my ass out of the house one weekend after another and now it became natural to go on hikes every single weekend. And doing this was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. On these adventures I've met people that only thinking about warms my heart, I've made so many friends that just get me, I've seen such beautiful places, climbed so many hills and tried to jump over so many rivers, sat by countless bonfires and sang like 200 000 songs. I've made so many pictures that I could make 20 blog posts and they all still would not fit. But I will try to share just a little fraction of my new found happiness.

- KamilÄ—

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