September 30, 2014

Happy Little Pill

I know that it has been forever since this song came out and I know that everybody probably already knows of it's existance. But I just can not resist sharing it. It is soooo good. Ahh, I don't really have any words to describe it's goodness, you just have to listen to it - so do it right now!
Love, Kamile

September 28, 2014


 Looking at these pictures I think wow - I must have the most beautiful friends ever.
 Last weekend my friends and I went to the country side to enjoy the last splash of warm weather and celebrate the birthday of a handsome man by the wheel in the first picture who happens to be my almost-bestfriend. The whole evening in the beautiful coutryside was spent playing ball games, roasting some meat, dancing and playing a lot of silly games outside. The weather was perfect and the whole evening was really cute and cozy, too bad that my camera's battery died really early and I didn't get to make a lot of pictures. But at least I was able to catch some of the fun moments in the beginning.
 In the mean time - how is your weekend going? Mine is pretty bussy: today I had a training session for participating in the "big brother/big sister" program, then went out for some coffee with an old friend and finally went to the cinema to see the best lithuanian movie that I have EVER seen - "the gambler" - it was sooooooo cool! You definitely must watch it!
So have a good weekend, don't forget to rest and see you next time!
Love, Kamile

September 26, 2014

The Happy list

The other night when I was jogging in the nearby park I looked up and for a little moment just felt so happy. I felt that I am so blessed to have all these beautiful things in my life, to be so free and do all the things I love. I just couldn't keep all the joy inside and then I thought that I really would like to do the happy list again 'cause it's been ages since I've done it the last time. So here it is - the things that are making me happy right now:

 1. My lovely beautiful kitty called Tera, which is hiding from the camera in the above picture. I'm so happy to have this pluffy ball of fur full of love in my life.

 2. The upcoming trip to Rome with my best friend. It's the second time in Italy for both of us  this year. When I visited in the spring, I didn't get the chance to see Rome, but fell in love with the country with all my heart. So now I'm so excited for going to Italy again and finally seeing Rome.

 3. My running shoes. I know this sounds weird, but I love love LOVE my running shoes. I used to run with simple sneakers and my knees used to hurt so much after the run, but now when I bought proper running shoes, running became the best feeling in the world.

 4. Running itself! I don't know if I even have to explain this statement. Every single person who has ever tried jogging, knows the euphorical feelings that I'm talking about.

 5. Autumn weather kicking in. I am so ready for the big cozy sweaters, dark red nail polishes, huge cups of tea and all of the whatnots that make autumn so beautiful and cozy

 6. Speaking of autumn, I'm really happy that it's finally cold enough for litting all of my room in scented candles and not suffocating from it.

 7. Buying medical books! This sounds so silly, but since I really love my medicine studies and all the things I have to learn, I feel really excited to finally own some of those smart, big, beautiful books myself.

 8. Pumpkin season! I looooove pumpkins! Pumkin soups, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin slumgullion, pumpkin EVERYTHING.

 9.My new kitty watch. This might be a little silly and shallow, but I'm so happy for a cat watch that my daddy gave me last week. It's just so cute! You can see it on my instagram here.

 10. Finally joining student's association and feeling really good and ready for it. It's an organisation that is the voice of the students and they do all of the great stuff to make our Uni better. Usually people join on their first year of Uni. I'm a third-year student now and I just joined, but I really feel that it's the most perfect time for me.

These are totally not all of the things that are making me happy right now, but these are the first to come to mind. There are so many little things that make everyday so beautiful and special. I really do think that little things are the most important in life. But I think, it would take a year to list all of them here. So we'll stick with the bigger things right now. I have to go to a lecture now, but have a nice weekend! And I hope to be back here soon!
Love, Kamile

September 20, 2014

That ONE thing

The beatiful beautiful skies in which I dived
I'm the one looking back in the front
Me floating in the beautiful white skies
 I think everybody has THAT ONE THING. The thing that they wanted to do as long as they can remmember. The thing that is so big, that they think they might only do it once in their entire life (but always want to repeat it when it's already done). The thing that they think they'll do sometime later in life and sometimes find theirselves halfway through life still without doing it. For me that one thing was skydiving. As far as I can remmember it was my biggest dream, I never did anything to achieve it, but always knew that it will happen someday.

 Time passed, I lived my life and ta-daa! on my twentieth birthday my mom gave me a gift certificate for a one single jump with a parachute. At first I was so happy, but then all of a sudden I experienced a feeling that I never thought of when dreaming about skydiving - fear. When my biggest dream started becoming reality, I suddenly doubted the reasonability of that dream.

 Fast forward nine months. I'm standing all geared-up near a plane from which I will be required to jump in less than 10minutes, just finished the 5 hour course of how to jump and land safely, and the only thing I can feel is how every single part of my body seems to shake. I was SO affraid that I had doubts about even stepping in the plane. But thank God I kept my mouth shut and said nothing about my doubts to anyone else. When the time came, all shaking I stepped into the plane, sat down and waited for the plane to rise from the ground. And as soon as I felt the last bump on the ground everything changed. I suddenly felt calm and confident and I just knew that everything would be alright.

 The view from the plane was beautiful and the jump itself was amazing. I could try and write how euphorical everything felt but I could only fail to describe it right, so I won't even try. It was the best thing that I have ever experienced and as soon as my feet hit the ground, I knew that I want need to do it again.

P.S. My dad did all these artistic pictures!
Happy and content with a certificate for jumping
 Love, Kamilė

September 13, 2014

The second half

Summer. It seems that it lasted just a second and it all passed so fast,  but it was beautiful and full. This was extraordinary and I will remmember it for a long time. And now, yet again, I'm concentrating on my studies.