September 20, 2014

That ONE thing

The beatiful beautiful skies in which I dived
I'm the one looking back in the front
Me floating in the beautiful white skies
 I think everybody has THAT ONE THING. The thing that they wanted to do as long as they can remmember. The thing that is so big, that they think they might only do it once in their entire life (but always want to repeat it when it's already done). The thing that they think they'll do sometime later in life and sometimes find theirselves halfway through life still without doing it. For me that one thing was skydiving. As far as I can remmember it was my biggest dream, I never did anything to achieve it, but always knew that it will happen someday.

 Time passed, I lived my life and ta-daa! on my twentieth birthday my mom gave me a gift certificate for a one single jump with a parachute. At first I was so happy, but then all of a sudden I experienced a feeling that I never thought of when dreaming about skydiving - fear. When my biggest dream started becoming reality, I suddenly doubted the reasonability of that dream.

 Fast forward nine months. I'm standing all geared-up near a plane from which I will be required to jump in less than 10minutes, just finished the 5 hour course of how to jump and land safely, and the only thing I can feel is how every single part of my body seems to shake. I was SO affraid that I had doubts about even stepping in the plane. But thank God I kept my mouth shut and said nothing about my doubts to anyone else. When the time came, all shaking I stepped into the plane, sat down and waited for the plane to rise from the ground. And as soon as I felt the last bump on the ground everything changed. I suddenly felt calm and confident and I just knew that everything would be alright.

 The view from the plane was beautiful and the jump itself was amazing. I could try and write how euphorical everything felt but I could only fail to describe it right, so I won't even try. It was the best thing that I have ever experienced and as soon as my feet hit the ground, I knew that I want need to do it again.

P.S. My dad did all these artistic pictures!
Happy and content with a certificate for jumping
 Love, KamilÄ—

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