February 22, 2015


 Here are some photos from my not so recent trip to Manchester (or Man.chest. as our bus sign from Liverpool to Manchester stated! haha!). AS ALWAYS I've been quite busy and didn't have any time to sort these pictures out. But this morning I felt the need to go through them and I got to posting them. Finally!
This trip was really amazing. It was the perfect end to my winter exam session and I was really good seeing my friend that lives in Manchester for her birthday. I disliked England (sorry) for most of my life even though I never visited it before but this little trip of ours changed my opinion 180 degrees. I loved every single thing there (well, maybe except the constant rain) and now I can't wait to go back there!

February 1, 2015

Winter hike

 I'm on vacation from my studies now and that means that I have a lot of free time. Most of my vacation days are spent relaxing, reading, catching up on some TV series and meeting friends. But yesterday night was spent quite differently. I went on a huge hike in the biggest forest of my country. The hike was very very exhaustive: we hiked our way through the forest full of snow for about five hours 'till it was already nightime and then we had to sleep in a very very cold forest house but there were too many of us and some (including me) didn't fit in the house and had to sleep outside. It was freeeeeeeezing. We slept for about 5 hours. And after that we still had to make our way through the forest again to our train stop. That was hard work, guys. Nevertheless I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. The air was so fresh and frosty - the feeling when it filled my lungs every time was so energising. I really enjoyed finally moving my legs for such a long distance and not getting weak. And the nature was breathtaking. There was snow everywhere, in the morning the sun was shining and the skies were blue and we saw a lot of animal footprints. Even though I'm so tired and I think I might have caught a cold, I'm still really happy that I went on this hike and had a chance to get a break from the city dust.
 Love, Kamile

January 29, 2015

How life gives you lessons

Have you ever felt like sometimes everything you do seems to turn against you? I know I have. I don't know if it's the planets aligning or karma for something evil I forgot that I did or just plain bad luck coming on and off but my life seems to go like a rollercoaster. For a while my life stays in order and the stars shine in my favor but just when I get comfortable living easy, having luck on my side and not sweating on anything a bomb goes off and everything around me seems to explode. Things start breaking, I'm getting the worst possible questions on an exam, my heart gets broken time after time, the injuries come back and I don't seem to succeed in anything. Luck just runs out. These radical ups and downs have haunted me my whole life. I know that everyone's life is kind of like that but for some they're not as drastic. When it's the up phase, everything is as awesome as it can get. But when the down comes, it's worse than horrible.
 All my life I used to dread times when the up ended. I could live with bad things happening one at a time, but all my life if something bad happens then it's all things at once. That makes it ten times harder to deal with the problem itself, 'cause I know there's nine more waiting for me and it eats me up. It gets just too overwhelming.
 However, over time I kind of learned to live with this. I'm enjoying the ups when they come and I step by step learn to live with the downs. Now I try to take these failures and misfortunes and see them like life lessons. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe what now seems like the worst setback, will one day turn out to be the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in my entire life. These bad things - doesn't matter if they're big or small - just make me smarter and stronger. Failures make me stop for a little while and get me looking from a different angle. When my favourite thing breaks, I learn to realize that things are just things, doesn't matter how much I like them. When I get a bad mark from the exam, I learn that if I want to succeed, I need to work hard and not just depend on getting good questions. When I fall down and get hurt, I learn that I need to be more careful on my steps (literally and metaphotically) or maybe walk slower (as long as I don't stop).
 Failure after failure I get better at life. And things that used to feel like tragedies, now seem like little bumps on the road that I just pass through without looking back.
 Love, Kamile

January 28, 2015

A month without: February - alcohol #1

 It has been ages since I've written something here. I was reaaaally bussy with exams and other life stuff for a while and had exactly ZERO motivation to do anything or write about something. But this weekend me and my best friend visited our other good friend in Manchester (that's England!) and for some reason all weekend I was so freakin' inspired that I came up with a few ideas that I should try in my life. I really do want to become a lot healthier, more energetic and happier with my choices. And suddenly a brilliant thought came to my mind! Why not keep track of those new things that I'm trying while writting in all down here? Maybe this way someone might like it and join in. You know what they say - the more the merrier.
 So the first idea is the "a month without". For every month I'll try to give up on something I really don't need in my life and keep a record of how I'm doing without it here. Maybe after a month of effort it will become effortless to live without all that useless or sometimes even harmfull stuff.
 The first thing I'll try to live without is alcohol. I'm not an alcoholic or anything but being a university student I do sometimes party a lot. And that is super unhealthy (alcohol causes brain disorders, serious chronic diseases, cancer, dependence, you might get injured when you're drunk, it has empty calories and not to mention the hangovers). Most of the times I drink because my friends suggested that we should or don't understand that I don't really want to. But I really don't need this harmful and dangerous beverage in my life, so now I'm saying bye to it for a month and maybe after that forever.
 So wish me luck and feel free to join in any time.

Love, Kamile!

January 3, 2015

2015 = 21

2015 will be the year when I will be 21. Most people start their every new year being one age and then somewhere in the middle of the year, they get one year older (a lot of "year" word being used here). But since my birthday is on the 31st of December, I always spend the year being the same age and then get older at the end. So every new year is a new year of my life. That makes it kinda a huge new start for me every single year the clock ticks midnight.
 For some reason unlike most people I am a person that doesn't really like reflecting on the time that passed too much. I like things when they are happening. I know that it's healthy to sometimes sit down and appreciate what was nice in your life, but I am a person that tends to look forward most of the time. So the last days of December and the first ones of January are usually spent looking forward to this new upcoming year of my life and thinking of how will it turn  out. This year truly started awesomely (is that a word?) and I didn't even got hit by any fireworks like last year. So I really really hope that the whole year will be as fun as it's beginning was.