July 20, 2014

The first half

 Just right now, when I started writing this post, is when I realized that half the summer has passed. Could it gone by any faster? I doubt it. It feels like summer has been here only for a few days and that so little things have been done and so many things are coming up. With all the exams and my new job now, there's just so little time to enjoy these beautiful days and warm nights. For the past few weeks it seems that all I have been doing was working and sleeping. But when I think about it a little more, all the adventures that have already passed this summer fall in their right places in my head and it seems that this first half of summer wasn't so empty at all.
 At this first half there was rain and there was sunshine. There was laughter and there were tears. There were adventures and there were boring work hours. There were nights filled with songs and there were hot nights trying to fall asleep. There were lake days, there were cocktail nights. There were concerts and there were tv nights. There were movies and there were books. There was chilling and there was crying myself to sleep. There was icecream and there was hot tea. There were sleepovers and there was loneliness. There was hapiness and there was disappointment. And there were not enough pictures taken.

- Kamile

June 30, 2014

Gazing at the stars so bright

This was a long month full of changes. When it started I had to deal with my exams. To do so I moved to my grandparent's summer-house and studied there. I always liked staying there, I liked the smell of the house, I liked the green garden that my grandparents keep, I liked that I had a balcony there, I liked swimming in a nearby lake or riding my bicycle in the forest. But this time my life there was so much different that it used to be. Every single morning I would get up early, have my breakfast, study 'till noon, then have lunch, ride my bicycle to the store for some icecream, come back, study 'till the evening, have dinner, watch a movie on my laptop and then study some more before going to bed. I lived liked this for 20 whole days 'till my last exam. It was a little nightmare to be stuck in this routine and to not be able to change anything about it 'cause I needed to study. Well, at least it payed off - my grades are good and now it's all over.
But man, the last 10 days of June were different like day and night from the first 20 ones.  I chilled in bed for a few days, I went on a canoe adventure with my buddies from the uni, me and my two best friends took a bus to another country to see Kings of Leon concert (!!), I partied a bit, I went out to the city to watch world football championship, me and my loveliest friend had a sleepover. If the first 20 days were like a nightmare, these last 10 days felt like a beautiful dream. I sincerely and literally loved almost every second of it.
Unfortunately wether I was busy studying or busy finally living , I still didn't have any time for my little internet space right here. I didn't share anything, didn't reed any other blogs. But I think it was a good silence, the one that helps to refocus on what you want from doing this and what are you doing it for. I really love sharing my life here and I really missed doing it this month. I don't think I'm going to get any less busy 'cause tommorow I'm starting my first ever job, but I will definitely be found here more.
So I wish you a great new week and I'll meet you here!
Love, Kamile

P.S. The picture is of the view from my balcony in my grandparent's summer-house.

June 3, 2014

Daddy's sunshine

 Here's a few snaps from last weekend when my whole family gathered in my grandparent's summer house to celebrate father's day. Our family has a tradition to gather every year on the first weeking of the summer to open summer house season. We roasted some meat, we talked a lot, we gathered some herbs from the gardens, me, my sister and my cousins helped our grandma to prepare all sorts of salads from the good things we found in her garden. We sunbathed in the sunshine, played with sprinklers a little. Then all the women went to a nearby lake for a little dip in the cold water. When we came back, the whole family gathered around the table and enjoyed the goods that we had there. We didn't watch any tv, we didn't turn the radio on - we just sat there enjoying each other's company and talked. It was a great weekend, the nature was so green and rich, the weather was finally amazing (sunshine really shined for my daddy), the family was warm and welcoming - every single little thing felt perfect for me.
Love, Kamile

May 31, 2014

30 day abb & squat challenge: day 17

Today is the 17th day of my challenge. I can't believe I got so far! Some days like day 12 were really hard and some were easy peasy (day 13) but the overall benefit of this challenge is starting to show on my body and now it is way easier to do these excercises than at the begining. Not to mention the great feeling when you get to cross out a day after day. I made it more that half the way!
These last few weeks I kinda got really interested in my health. I started eating better: more vegetables, less chocolate (don't even ask how hard it was to eat less chocolate, I used to live on chocolate!). Of course there were some bad days when I slipped and ate a box of ice cream but there were more of the good days - days when I woke up with determination and went to bed with satisfaction - those days are something I'm proud of. I stopped drinking alocohol with the exception of drinking a glass of wine when I'm out with my girls. I started running again after the 5k marathon I ran last weekend (I finished the marathon, though it was really hot and hard, and I was sooo proud of myself) and I can even feel how much easier it is to jog and how much more toned and athletic my body feels - I really missed that feeling (I'm preparing a post about running by the way!). You know what they say - in a healthy body lies a healthy soul - now I truly understand what they mean by this saying. I'm feeling so much happier everyday and motivated to do all the stuff I need to do. I hope I'll never stop living like this.
In other news: These few upcoming weeks will be my exam weeks at the university. So to get away from all the distractions like facebook and internet overall, I'm going away to live at my grandparents' summer house untill my exams end on the 20th. Not having internet there will be a good thing for my studying but I won't be able to make any blog posts too, what makes me sad. I will only come back for a day to the city when my exams will take place. I'll try very hard to find time and post all the great stuff I have planned for this little space of the internet of mine, but I can't make any promises.
So have happy first days of summer. Make the best of what you have and what you can do. Stay motivated. And work as hard as you can if you need to!

Love, Kamile

May 25, 2014

La Boheme

 Last night was a great night. Me and my friends from the Uni rarely go out together. Sometimes we have to study or sometimes we go out with other friends - those that we don't see for eight hours straight everyday.. But finally the time came and we went out for a night in our beautiful city. We all dressed up a little and first we went to a retro cinema house and saw "the Grand Budapest hotel" - the film was soooo good. I recommend it to everyone (except maybe for kids 'cause it's got some weird moments). We all enjoyed it a lot. And after the movie we went to a place called "la Boheme". The sun was shinning, the weather was hot and heavy 'till the sun was down and it got dark. But nothing could disturb our happiness. We were having the time of our lives. We were drinking wine, tasting bruschettas, discussing deep things about life and bursting out wih laughter once in a while. Our hearts felt free from worries and we could just stop for a little and enjoy the moment and see how beautiful this life we're all living can sometimes be. When the nighttime came, we still didn't want to go home. So we went for a little night tour around the beautiful old town that we have here. The whole night spent with those smart and beautiful girls was so refreshing and something I really needed in a long time. I loved every minute of it.
 And today, a little more than in two hours I'm running my first 5k marathon! Wish me luck, 'cause I surely gonna need it. 

May 20, 2014

30 day abb & squat challenge: day 7

To be honest, I am not the healthiest person ever. When I was in my teen years, I was kinda fit and healthy skinny but then I had some very difficult events in my life that did a huge effect on my eating habbits. Some people, when undergoing some stress, can't eat, but I'm one of those people, who eat stuff food down their throats when they get nervous. And the last few years I had a lot of things to be nervous about. It took me a lot of time to realise why sometimes I just can't stop eating, but at least I got it now. So now I'm trying to get ahold of my life again and get in shape. I don't like being jiggly and slow. I want to get back to the sporty shape I was in a few years back. They say that you should take one step at a time. So my first step is this 30 day abb & squat challenge. I'm already in day 7! It's really easy at the beginning and you don't feel it getting harder. I really like doing it. For now I don't feel any big change, just I think my belly is getting a bit flatter. I'll update you about the changes next week. Join me if you too want to get ready for the swimsuit season - there's still time! 
Oh, and this Sunday I'm running my first 5k 'marathon'. I'm very very excited.
And here's some motivation to help you make up your mind about doing it. It surely helped me.

 Source: Pinterest

May 17, 2014

Inspiration: life should be a work of art

 Hey! How's your Saturday so far? I got up from bed not that long ago and as I usually do on nice Saturday mornings, went to pinterest to get some inspiration for the day. I have a board called "make your life into a work of art" where I pin all the beautiful everyday or not so everyday things that make life beautiful.You can check it our here. So now I'll just leave you here with some beautiful inspiration and I'll wish you to have a nice weekend!