April 27, 2014


 Dear reader, if you're waiting for me to continue with my Italy trip pictures, you shouldn't worry 'cause they are coming in the next post! But  today was a beautiful sunday spent with my dad and I just wanted needed to make this post.
 This winter was a really hard one for me. I had to fight myself every day to get out of bed and do what I was supposed to do. Even though, I tried to smile to the world and pretend that everything is alright, it was not - I felt so unhappy that it was hard to breathe. Not everything but most of the bad things that were happening to me were related to my studies: I have never imagined that it could be so hard to study, that it could do such terrible things to my health. During my winter exam session I used to spontaniously throw up every other day, when I studied too much my nose would start to bleed and it happened several times during the day. I didn't want to wake up in the morning and I would cry myself to sleep every night. For the first time in my life I had such a big nervous breakdown that I had to take some serious sedative drugs. And in the end realizing that it was all for nothing, that even though I studied day and night, I passed my exams in normal, average grades which are not good enough for me to become what I one day would want to become and the only way to do what I want would be for me to leave all my friends and family after 4 years and go to study abroad or become something I don't want to become but stay here... It was a hard winter, a really, really hard one, but I survived and I've got a new set of determination to work harder than ever and not to give up and maybe... maybe it will be possible to make up for my failure and make it alright. Well, I'm really better now, but when it was still winter and when I would feel that a new panic attack is around the corner I used to have these visions or I used to dream it at night - I would see myself standing in a green forrest, I would hear birds singing, the wind blowing in the tree branches and the water of a lake or of a small river flowing. The forrest would be so calm and green, I clould almost smell the scent of the moss on the trees. This vision would really calm me down for a while, but also I would feel a desire to not only imagine but feel, see and smell it in real life. I really miss green woods during wintertime and today was the first time after the whole winter when me and my dad went fishing and I got to explore a beautiful green forrest - it smelled even better than I remembered.
 Thank you for staying with me

April 26, 2014

Day 3 - Venice!

The third day of our trip we visited Venice. It was a "wow!" kind of a city. I had seen a lot of pictures and photographs before I visited it myself, but, man, I could have never imagined it the way it truly is. It is a great city, I can't even imagine how people without any technology could even do something so great (just like the pyramids and all the other big wonders of the world). The first thing I noticed when we got to the old Venice was people. They're everywhere there - a little thing called personal space does not exist there. There are old tourist, there are young children on field trips, they scream and laught loudly, there are young imigrants that are trying to sell you fake prada bags and try to hide from the police, there are locals who don't seem to mind or even notice the great chaos that's happening just in from of their noses and there was I, the one trying not to loose her head in all that madness. I got used to what was happening quite soon, and at the end of my trip, I kind of started to like the craze but at first it overhelmed me. Our guide told us that Venice is a sinking city, she said that maybe in 100 years or even less there will no more be such thing called old Venice, 'cause it will all sink (global warming has a lot to do with that). That made me really sad - it is such a mirracle that the city still stands to this day and it seems that that's the reason it should stand forever, but some day when I have children they might already be unable to visit it because it will no longer exist. It's a strange and depressing thought... But when I was there, I didn't think about it, I just tried to admire what a wonderful place it is.
The view from my hotel room balcony. You can see the sea <3
My hotel's backyard
I love Vespas! // Swimming to Venice

Buran island with it's colourful little houses
The most expensive caffe EVER!
A cappuccino and a cheap slice of pizza. Those two were the single best two things that I have ever tasted
If my pants were white then I would be dressed in Italy's flag (red shirt, light blue jeans and green sneakers) // He proposed and she said yes:)
Back on dry land again
With love, Kamilė
Stay tuned for day 4!

April 21, 2014

I'm Back! + Day1 + Day2

I'm back from my trip to Italy. Italy!!! I still can't believe that just a few days ago I was there. In freaking Italy. Wow!... Okay, I need to stop being so overly excited... I came back to Lithuania yesterday at night and in the morning I had to celebrate easter with my family so I didn't have the time to sort all of those photos straight away but I sort of started sorting them now and I'm ready to share the first two days of my trip. 
We spent the whole first day crossing Poland and a bit of Czech Republic. We only stopped for short bathroom or lunch breaks. So I didn't make a lot of photos, cause we didn't see anything but the road. In the evening we arrived to a nice hotel called "myslivna" near Bruno city in Czech Republic. When we left Lithuania the trees still didn't have any leaves. But in Bruno all the trees were already shinning green. It was amazing to see so much green things around us. And the hotel had a great view.
Almost the whole second day was also spent riding in our  bus except we stopped in Vienna, Austria to check out Schönbrunn's palace. And after that we rode, rode, rode in our bus all the way to Italy. We arrived to a little coast town called Lido di Jesolo where our italian hotel was and the big travelling through Europe was over. We were already in Italy!
My bags all packed
Photographing polish grass with little flowers in it while on our bathroom break. Spring came to Poland faster than to Lithuania.
Our amazing bus with our travel agency's name on it.
It's the first time I ever seen a mountain in my life. Of course I saw a lot of pictures of mountains but it's so different when you see it in real life.
My czech hotel room and it's window's view to the forest.
Blossoms. When we left Lithuania there were still no blossoms here, but now blossoms are here everywhere too.
Our hotel view.
Vienna. Near the imperial palace.
Vienna's gardens.
In the Vienna's gardens there are a lot of little squirrels who are not affraid to take peanuts from your hands. They are adorable.
Austrian alpes
Italy! Italian alpes.
Lido di Jesolo. The main street near which our hotel was.
Next post will be about going to Venice. Venice!!!... Ahhh, I need to stop being SO excited...
With lots of love,

April 11, 2014


 Tonight is the night I leave to Italy! Yaaayyy! But before I go, I wanted to share this awesome new website called LT-STREETS.COM . One of my rollerblading friends needed to come up with something for his college degree in photography and he came up with this! It's a website about Lithuania's BMX'ers', dancers' and rollerbladers' styles. I'm really in love with the idea. And yesterday he caught me with his photocamera and tadaah I'm on his website. Rollerblader girl is not actually my everyday style, I have a few different styles that serve the occasions: the academic style for university, girly style for hanging out in the city, tomboy style for adventures in the wild and the rollerblader girl for rollerblading of course! This website is quite new still but I think it may become something more. If you're interested to see the post about me, here it is.
Have a great weekend!
See you in a week.
Lots of love, Kamilė

April 8, 2014

Three Things

The first thing is reflected in the pictures: spring is definitely here! These photos are from the last two weekends.  A little while back there were not so many little green leaves, but yesterday night it rained a lot and now there's little green leaves everywhere! And the little flowers called hepaticas rule the forests again. Now I only need to wait for the lilacs to flower and I'll be in full spring mode.
The second thing is that this week is the last one before the spring break. I don't think I'm already exhausted from studying but everyone could use breaks once in a while.
And the third thing which is definetely the best of all three is that.... I'm going to Italy! When my mom bought the tickets for this trip at first I didn't feel anything, I guess I just couldn't believe it - it just has been a dream for so long that it became something unachievable in my head. But now it sunk in a bit and I just can't stay in one place. The feeling's extatic! And the best part about it is that I'm leaving in 4 days! I promise to bring back a lot photos and good stories and share it all here. 
Wish me good weather!
Love, Kamilė