April 8, 2014

Three Things

The first thing is reflected in the pictures: spring is definitely here! These photos are from the last two weekends.  A little while back there were not so many little green leaves, but yesterday night it rained a lot and now there's little green leaves everywhere! And the little flowers called hepaticas rule the forests again. Now I only need to wait for the lilacs to flower and I'll be in full spring mode.
The second thing is that this week is the last one before the spring break. I don't think I'm already exhausted from studying but everyone could use breaks once in a while.
And the third thing which is definetely the best of all three is that.... I'm going to Italy! When my mom bought the tickets for this trip at first I didn't feel anything, I guess I just couldn't believe it - it just has been a dream for so long that it became something unachievable in my head. But now it sunk in a bit and I just can't stay in one place. The feeling's extatic! And the best part about it is that I'm leaving in 4 days! I promise to bring back a lot photos and good stories and share it all here. 
Wish me good weather!
Love, Kamilė

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