April 11, 2014


 Tonight is the night I leave to Italy! Yaaayyy! But before I go, I wanted to share this awesome new website called LT-STREETS.COM . One of my rollerblading friends needed to come up with something for his college degree in photography and he came up with this! It's a website about Lithuania's BMX'ers', dancers' and rollerbladers' styles. I'm really in love with the idea. And yesterday he caught me with his photocamera and tadaah I'm on his website. Rollerblader girl is not actually my everyday style, I have a few different styles that serve the occasions: the academic style for university, girly style for hanging out in the city, tomboy style for adventures in the wild and the rollerblader girl for rollerblading of course! This website is quite new still but I think it may become something more. If you're interested to see the post about me, here it is.
Have a great weekend!
See you in a week.
Lots of love, Kamilė

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