April 21, 2014

I'm Back! + Day1 + Day2

I'm back from my trip to Italy. Italy!!! I still can't believe that just a few days ago I was there. In freaking Italy. Wow!... Okay, I need to stop being so overly excited... I came back to Lithuania yesterday at night and in the morning I had to celebrate easter with my family so I didn't have the time to sort all of those photos straight away but I sort of started sorting them now and I'm ready to share the first two days of my trip. 
We spent the whole first day crossing Poland and a bit of Czech Republic. We only stopped for short bathroom or lunch breaks. So I didn't make a lot of photos, cause we didn't see anything but the road. In the evening we arrived to a nice hotel called "myslivna" near Bruno city in Czech Republic. When we left Lithuania the trees still didn't have any leaves. But in Bruno all the trees were already shinning green. It was amazing to see so much green things around us. And the hotel had a great view.
Almost the whole second day was also spent riding in our  bus except we stopped in Vienna, Austria to check out Schönbrunn's palace. And after that we rode, rode, rode in our bus all the way to Italy. We arrived to a little coast town called Lido di Jesolo where our italian hotel was and the big travelling through Europe was over. We were already in Italy!
My bags all packed
Photographing polish grass with little flowers in it while on our bathroom break. Spring came to Poland faster than to Lithuania.
Our amazing bus with our travel agency's name on it.
It's the first time I ever seen a mountain in my life. Of course I saw a lot of pictures of mountains but it's so different when you see it in real life.
My czech hotel room and it's window's view to the forest.
Blossoms. When we left Lithuania there were still no blossoms here, but now blossoms are here everywhere too.
Our hotel view.
Vienna. Near the imperial palace.
Vienna's gardens.
In the Vienna's gardens there are a lot of little squirrels who are not affraid to take peanuts from your hands. They are adorable.
Austrian alpes
Italy! Italian alpes.
Lido di Jesolo. The main street near which our hotel was.
Next post will be about going to Venice. Venice!!!... Ahhh, I need to stop being SO excited...
With lots of love,


  1. beautiful shots, darling! Italy is such a beautiful place. I´m fluent in Italian and i certainly love everything about the country.


    1. Thank youuu. I'm still in love with Italy and I would looove to speak italian.

  2. Squirrels are too cute! :) Vienna must be magnificent!

    1. Squirrels are the cutest little things ever! And Vienna is pretty great too. Thank you for the comment:)