April 26, 2014

Day 3 - Venice!

The third day of our trip we visited Venice. It was a "wow!" kind of a city. I had seen a lot of pictures and photographs before I visited it myself, but, man, I could have never imagined it the way it truly is. It is a great city, I can't even imagine how people without any technology could even do something so great (just like the pyramids and all the other big wonders of the world). The first thing I noticed when we got to the old Venice was people. They're everywhere there - a little thing called personal space does not exist there. There are old tourist, there are young children on field trips, they scream and laught loudly, there are young imigrants that are trying to sell you fake prada bags and try to hide from the police, there are locals who don't seem to mind or even notice the great chaos that's happening just in from of their noses and there was I, the one trying not to loose her head in all that madness. I got used to what was happening quite soon, and at the end of my trip, I kind of started to like the craze but at first it overhelmed me. Our guide told us that Venice is a sinking city, she said that maybe in 100 years or even less there will no more be such thing called old Venice, 'cause it will all sink (global warming has a lot to do with that). That made me really sad - it is such a mirracle that the city still stands to this day and it seems that that's the reason it should stand forever, but some day when I have children they might already be unable to visit it because it will no longer exist. It's a strange and depressing thought... But when I was there, I didn't think about it, I just tried to admire what a wonderful place it is.
The view from my hotel room balcony. You can see the sea <3
My hotel's backyard
I love Vespas! // Swimming to Venice

Buran island with it's colourful little houses
The most expensive caffe EVER!
A cappuccino and a cheap slice of pizza. Those two were the single best two things that I have ever tasted
If my pants were white then I would be dressed in Italy's flag (red shirt, light blue jeans and green sneakers) // He proposed and she said yes:)
Back on dry land again
With love, Kamilė
Stay tuned for day 4!


  1. Buran Island looks so lovely and quaint!
    Is Venice a very pricey place in general, after all?
    Thankfully the girl said yes... Guys who propose in public are really brave... or cocky! ahah There's always a chance she says no, right?

    1. Yeah, Venice is really pricey. The salesmen try to get all they can get from tourists. But if you know where to look, you can find normal human being prices