October 24, 2014

Autumn in Vilnius

 It's been more than ten minutes of me just sitting here by my keybord and not knowing what to write. Do you know that feeling when you have so many things to say and you don't even know what to start with, what should be said and what should be left aside? At first I wrote a whole different text but now I decided that it was not what I wanted to say and rewrote the whole thing.
  These photographs were taken on a very beautiful autumn day in Vilnius and you should already know this from the name of the post. But what you don't know is that for me this day was not only very beautiful but also very special. On this Saturday I went out on a 'date' with my 'little sister' for the first time. I am a volunteer in the 'Big brother/Big sister' program. Long story short - it's a program where more successful young adults are paired up with children that live in different unhealthy enviroments everyday single day. I don't want to get in too much details, but some of these kids' parents are serious drug addicts, alcoholics or in the best case scenario - just very very poor. Nevertheless, these little miracles are amazing, they have so much love and hope in their little hearts, but they have no place to put it into. That's where we (big brothers/big sisters) step in - for a year we become what they need us to be for them and maybe in some way we make them see that where they came from is not the only life thay can have, that there are other paths and so many posibilities only if they try hard enough.
 So on this particular Saturday I went out with my 'little sister' and it was such a pleasure being with this creative, talented, beautiful and funny little girl, but also it hurt so much seeing how wonderful but unfortunate she is. The way she instantly started trusting and loving me felt good but also it showed that she doesn't have too many people in her life that she can feel that way about. And it saddens me so much how unfair life can be - so many children are happy and safe with their parents, so why can't this child be safe and loved too? Why did this beautiful and wonderful creature had to grow up a little too fast? Why does she need to suffer so much pain? 
 That's why no matter how good of a cause this program is, it's really really hard to participate in it. I can't just see what is happening to her, be sad about it for three hours when I'm with her and then go on with my life when I get back home. These kind of things touch you and you can not choose what this touch makes of you, how much it changes you.

I'm sorry for such a different post, I know it's not very inspiring, but I needed to get these words out. Thank you for reading.
Love, Kamile

October 21, 2014

8 reasons why I love autumn

These past few years I really started loving and enjoying autumn, but I haven't felt this way always. When I was little, I really used to dispise it's greyness, coldness and sadness. However, as time passed I learned that there are a lot of things that can make autumn not only bearable but even lovable. Sooo, what would be better than to make a list of those things? Here it is!
Source: here and here

1) Bundling up in cozy warm blankets and staying in bed all day. During summertime it's impossible to stay in bed all day and not start feeling stinky from all the sweatyness and hotness, but when the autumn comes, it becomes a perfect Sunday plan for me.

Source: here and here
2) Umbrellas! I just think that they are so cute! And I love the rain too, so it's a double pleasure.

Source: here and here
3) Living in huge comfy sweaters. Ahhh, I just love these big sweaters! The feel of soft fabric on my skin and the warmness is amazing. And who doesn't love a stylish oversized sweater?

Source: here and here

4) Hot tea. In summertime it's too hot to drink tea, but I adore tea so much, so when autumn comes I just can't get enough of it.

Source: here and here
5) Lighting candles. It's the first autumn for me, when I can actually light candles in my room. Because my sister used to hate the smell they make when they burn (WHAT?!). But this year she moved out and I can finally light the whole appartment with candles and enjoy the beautiful scents they make.

Source: here and here
 6) Rain. As far as I can remember, I always used to love staying inside the house when it rained and at that times my room would become ten times cosier. But for a while now, I learned to enjoy it while being in the actual rain as well.

Source: here and here
7) The beautiful colorful leaves. I think that the beauty of all these falling and flying leaves are the best thing about autumn.

Source: here and here
8) Autumn goodies. Apples, apple-pies, apple-rolls, pumpkin pies, pumpkin soups et cetera. They are worth living for!

Of course these are not all the reasons why I love autumn, but these are still more than enough to start waiting for autumn every single year. I would really like to know what are your reasons for loving autumn? That's it for now. Have a beautiful day!
Love, Kamilė

October 19, 2014

Rome photo diary!

   If there was a picture near every word in the dictionary, the word 'busy' would have my face printed there. After returning from Rome I had so much work pilled up but so little motivation to do it - so all week I was slowly doing all the things I needed too without finishing anything at the right time. When I finally found some time to post these pictures, magically my internet broke down and it didn't come back until yesterday evening.
   Yesterday night my two best friends and I went out to celebrate Miglė's birthday in Vilnius ('cause the whole Rome trip was actually to celebrate her birthday), after that Miglė stayed in my place for a sleepover and today we had a totally awesome layed back morning. I made waffles, we drank hot cocoa and watched stand up comedy on youtube. Don't you just love these kind of mornings? It really was a perfect Sunday morning. 
   And now I finally have time to post my Rome trip pictures!  I think they pretty much speak for themselves:we went to all the famous sights, ate pizza, had all our breakfasts in our huge white bed, saw sun everyday, admired how huge and beautiful Rome is and had some layed back evenings. 
  It was quite a huge shock that in Italy the weather was so hot (27°C/80,6°F) and now it's 3°C/37,4°F in Vilnius and I'm freezing here! But I really do love the cosyness of autumn when it's cold outside and you're curled up in blankets and drinking tea inside, so I really missed it in Italy. Also this first week it was really hard to come back to my routine but I finally got over the trip, I'm getting more focused on my work and loving autumn weather.
  So that's it about Rome! I'll be doing some other posts in the near future. Be sure to have a nice Sunday!I know I'll just lay in bed reading or watching some vlogs on youtube and just chill all day.
Love, Kamilė

October 11, 2014

Back from Rome!

The reason I was quiet all week was that me and my best friend took a plane and flew to Rome to celebrate her birthday. By the way, I mentioned it here. We left last tuesday and just came back today.  I always love the people in Italy - you can't find warmer, friendlier people, who are always willing to help you with whaterver you need. Even when they couldn't speak any laguages that we did, they always tried to help us the best way they could. I can never get enough of their huge smiles and all the "ciaos" from random people in the streets.     
 Man, I really wish that we had more time there. It was so sad for me to leave so soon. When I only got used to the italian lifestyle, I had to say bye to it again. But it is what it is - now I'm home and have to get back into my routine again. I'll try to take the best of the experience and I will let it inspire me to do other things. And I promise to go back to Italy again and again and again for many times to come.
 Come back to see the pictures and have the rest of the weekend good!
Love, Kamile

October 3, 2014

Inspiration: autumn hikes

 Lately I've been kinda obsessed with pinning beautiful hike pictures on pinterest. I was always a nature person. Since my young days I loved forests, I loved hiking and I loved exploring the wild. As I grew, I kind of grew into loving the city too, but the wild never grew out of me. So while we're having a beautiful colourful and sunshiny autumn, I really am dreaming of going away for the weekend to the wild nature and doing nothing but hiking and camping for a few days. Personally, I really do think that there is no better time to hike than in autumtime, especially in the begining - cause the weather is still warm, but not hot, like in summertime, there are less people in the woods and I don't even have to mention the stunning autumn colour palette on the trees! I really really hope that my wish will be granted before the weather gets too cold and wintery.
 So here's my share of autumn inspired hike, nature and overall beautiful fall pictures from pinterest to inspire your day:
 Have a nice weekend!
Love, Kamile