October 19, 2014

Rome photo diary!

   If there was a picture near every word in the dictionary, the word 'busy' would have my face printed there. After returning from Rome I had so much work pilled up but so little motivation to do it - so all week I was slowly doing all the things I needed too without finishing anything at the right time. When I finally found some time to post these pictures, magically my internet broke down and it didn't come back until yesterday evening.
   Yesterday night my two best friends and I went out to celebrate Miglė's birthday in Vilnius ('cause the whole Rome trip was actually to celebrate her birthday), after that Miglė stayed in my place for a sleepover and today we had a totally awesome layed back morning. I made waffles, we drank hot cocoa and watched stand up comedy on youtube. Don't you just love these kind of mornings? It really was a perfect Sunday morning. 
   And now I finally have time to post my Rome trip pictures!  I think they pretty much speak for themselves:we went to all the famous sights, ate pizza, had all our breakfasts in our huge white bed, saw sun everyday, admired how huge and beautiful Rome is and had some layed back evenings. 
  It was quite a huge shock that in Italy the weather was so hot (27°C/80,6°F) and now it's 3°C/37,4°F in Vilnius and I'm freezing here! But I really do love the cosyness of autumn when it's cold outside and you're curled up in blankets and drinking tea inside, so I really missed it in Italy. Also this first week it was really hard to come back to my routine but I finally got over the trip, I'm getting more focused on my work and loving autumn weather.
  So that's it about Rome! I'll be doing some other posts in the near future. Be sure to have a nice Sunday!I know I'll just lay in bed reading or watching some vlogs on youtube and just chill all day.
Love, Kamilė


  1. Hot cocoa sounds nice :) I have to say I'm curious about going to Rome and also Vilnius... They must be so different from each other but so fascinating!

    1. They are different like day and night. But I think every single city (or at least capital) in the world is worth visiting at least once:)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I visited Rome once too (with school) and had a blast. I never did so much sightseeing in my life, and doubt I'll ever top that. 10 days with a full schedule from 9 to 6 and everything on foot. And we probably still didn't see anything, but we sure saw a lot. What a trip:D

    Ooh, that street art looks amazing!

    Anyway, I hope you ate a lot of ice cream while you were there;)

    1. Yeah, we walked the streets of Rome for 4 days, but it was totally not enought to see even the half of what needs to be seen. 10 days sound better, but still not enought for this huge city - a year sounds like just the right amount of time.
      And yes, we did eat A LOT of ice cream, haha

  3. Wow, I really enjoyed this post. What a beautiful pictures!! Italy... I wish to visit this country one day too :) Lucky you!