October 11, 2014

Back from Rome!

The reason I was quiet all week was that me and my best friend took a plane and flew to Rome to celebrate her birthday. By the way, I mentioned it here. We left last tuesday and just came back today.  I always love the people in Italy - you can't find warmer, friendlier people, who are always willing to help you with whaterver you need. Even when they couldn't speak any laguages that we did, they always tried to help us the best way they could. I can never get enough of their huge smiles and all the "ciaos" from random people in the streets.     
 Man, I really wish that we had more time there. It was so sad for me to leave so soon. When I only got used to the italian lifestyle, I had to say bye to it again. But it is what it is - now I'm home and have to get back into my routine again. I'll try to take the best of the experience and I will let it inspire me to do other things. And I promise to go back to Italy again and again and again for many times to come.
 Come back to see the pictures and have the rest of the weekend good!
Love, Kamile

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  1. Nice to hear you had a lovely time. I'd love to see the pictures as I think this one is marvellous. X