October 24, 2014

Autumn in Vilnius

 It's been more than ten minutes of me just sitting here by my keybord and not knowing what to write. Do you know that feeling when you have so many things to say and you don't even know what to start with, what should be said and what should be left aside? At first I wrote a whole different text but now I decided that it was not what I wanted to say and rewrote the whole thing.
  These photographs were taken on a very beautiful autumn day in Vilnius and you should already know this from the name of the post. But what you don't know is that for me this day was not only very beautiful but also very special. On this Saturday I went out on a 'date' with my 'little sister' for the first time. I am a volunteer in the 'Big brother/Big sister' program. Long story short - it's a program where more successful young adults are paired up with children that live in different unhealthy enviroments everyday single day. I don't want to get in too much details, but some of these kids' parents are serious drug addicts, alcoholics or in the best case scenario - just very very poor. Nevertheless, these little miracles are amazing, they have so much love and hope in their little hearts, but they have no place to put it into. That's where we (big brothers/big sisters) step in - for a year we become what they need us to be for them and maybe in some way we make them see that where they came from is not the only life thay can have, that there are other paths and so many posibilities only if they try hard enough.
 So on this particular Saturday I went out with my 'little sister' and it was such a pleasure being with this creative, talented, beautiful and funny little girl, but also it hurt so much seeing how wonderful but unfortunate she is. The way she instantly started trusting and loving me felt good but also it showed that she doesn't have too many people in her life that she can feel that way about. And it saddens me so much how unfair life can be - so many children are happy and safe with their parents, so why can't this child be safe and loved too? Why did this beautiful and wonderful creature had to grow up a little too fast? Why does she need to suffer so much pain? 
 That's why no matter how good of a cause this program is, it's really really hard to participate in it. I can't just see what is happening to her, be sad about it for three hours when I'm with her and then go on with my life when I get back home. These kind of things touch you and you can not choose what this touch makes of you, how much it changes you.

I'm sorry for such a different post, I know it's not very inspiring, but I needed to get these words out. Thank you for reading.
Love, Kamile


  1. You're doing a really good job :)

  2. Tai tikrai labai įkvepiantis dalykas ir skaityt apie tai tikrai labai įdomu :)

  3. Such a nice view from your hometown , Kamile.
    Nice blog also,

    Warm regards from Indonesia :)