May 31, 2014

30 day abb & squat challenge: day 17

Today is the 17th day of my challenge. I can't believe I got so far! Some days like day 12 were really hard and some were easy peasy (day 13) but the overall benefit of this challenge is starting to show on my body and now it is way easier to do these excercises than at the begining. Not to mention the great feeling when you get to cross out a day after day. I made it more that half the way!
These last few weeks I kinda got really interested in my health. I started eating better: more vegetables, less chocolate (don't even ask how hard it was to eat less chocolate, I used to live on chocolate!). Of course there were some bad days when I slipped and ate a box of ice cream but there were more of the good days - days when I woke up with determination and went to bed with satisfaction - those days are something I'm proud of. I stopped drinking alocohol with the exception of drinking a glass of wine when I'm out with my girls. I started running again after the 5k marathon I ran last weekend (I finished the marathon, though it was really hot and hard, and I was sooo proud of myself) and I can even feel how much easier it is to jog and how much more toned and athletic my body feels - I really missed that feeling (I'm preparing a post about running by the way!). You know what they say - in a healthy body lies a healthy soul - now I truly understand what they mean by this saying. I'm feeling so much happier everyday and motivated to do all the stuff I need to do. I hope I'll never stop living like this.
In other news: These few upcoming weeks will be my exam weeks at the university. So to get away from all the distractions like facebook and internet overall, I'm going away to live at my grandparents' summer house untill my exams end on the 20th. Not having internet there will be a good thing for my studying but I won't be able to make any blog posts too, what makes me sad. I will only come back for a day to the city when my exams will take place. I'll try very hard to find time and post all the great stuff I have planned for this little space of the internet of mine, but I can't make any promises.
So have happy first days of summer. Make the best of what you have and what you can do. Stay motivated. And work as hard as you can if you need to!

Love, Kamile

May 25, 2014

La Boheme

 Last night was a great night. Me and my friends from the Uni rarely go out together. Sometimes we have to study or sometimes we go out with other friends - those that we don't see for eight hours straight everyday.. But finally the time came and we went out for a night in our beautiful city. We all dressed up a little and first we went to a retro cinema house and saw "the Grand Budapest hotel" - the film was soooo good. I recommend it to everyone (except maybe for kids 'cause it's got some weird moments). We all enjoyed it a lot. And after the movie we went to a place called "la Boheme". The sun was shinning, the weather was hot and heavy 'till the sun was down and it got dark. But nothing could disturb our happiness. We were having the time of our lives. We were drinking wine, tasting bruschettas, discussing deep things about life and bursting out wih laughter once in a while. Our hearts felt free from worries and we could just stop for a little and enjoy the moment and see how beautiful this life we're all living can sometimes be. When the nighttime came, we still didn't want to go home. So we went for a little night tour around the beautiful old town that we have here. The whole night spent with those smart and beautiful girls was so refreshing and something I really needed in a long time. I loved every minute of it.
 And today, a little more than in two hours I'm running my first 5k marathon! Wish me luck, 'cause I surely gonna need it. 

May 20, 2014

30 day abb & squat challenge: day 7

To be honest, I am not the healthiest person ever. When I was in my teen years, I was kinda fit and healthy skinny but then I had some very difficult events in my life that did a huge effect on my eating habbits. Some people, when undergoing some stress, can't eat, but I'm one of those people, who eat stuff food down their throats when they get nervous. And the last few years I had a lot of things to be nervous about. It took me a lot of time to realise why sometimes I just can't stop eating, but at least I got it now. So now I'm trying to get ahold of my life again and get in shape. I don't like being jiggly and slow. I want to get back to the sporty shape I was in a few years back. They say that you should take one step at a time. So my first step is this 30 day abb & squat challenge. I'm already in day 7! It's really easy at the beginning and you don't feel it getting harder. I really like doing it. For now I don't feel any big change, just I think my belly is getting a bit flatter. I'll update you about the changes next week. Join me if you too want to get ready for the swimsuit season - there's still time! 
Oh, and this Sunday I'm running my first 5k 'marathon'. I'm very very excited.
And here's some motivation to help you make up your mind about doing it. It surely helped me.

 Source: Pinterest

May 17, 2014

Inspiration: life should be a work of art

 Hey! How's your Saturday so far? I got up from bed not that long ago and as I usually do on nice Saturday mornings, went to pinterest to get some inspiration for the day. I have a board called "make your life into a work of art" where I pin all the beautiful everyday or not so everyday things that make life beautiful.You can check it our here. So now I'll just leave you here with some beautiful inspiration and I'll wish you to have a nice weekend!

May 16, 2014

Can't hold us

 People often say that medstudents are strange. But it's not a surprise to me - they we really are strange. We are always overworked, the things that we can talk about for hours include stomach pathologies, the anatomy of the chest or some biochemistry reactions. It's not like we're not interested in other things like fashion, art, music, movies etc., but we just don't have the time to always be up to date with everything that's happening in the world, we're studying so much that when it's time for a little leisure time all we can talk about is medicine. But we always try not to talk about studies and medicine, we know that we're boring people and we know that we seem strange, it's just that we can't help ourselves. Last week we went to another city for the weekend and had a little party at one of our friend's house. We almost didn't talk about any medical stuff, we chilled while drinking beer, we played some ballgames outside, we danced a lot in the house, we grilled some food, we sang, we laughed and just had a really great time. It was a nice weekend getaway and it was the rest we all needed a lot.

May 13, 2014


To get ahead of myself I would like to apologize for the bad quality pictures. One of my closest friends left for her holidays to Italy and this week I'm living in her place (taking care of the cat - we're both huge cat ladies) and I left my camera at my real home. So I had to make these pictures with my phone. 
Yesterday I started feeling a bit sick and today I know I really am sick with a cold. All I want to do all day is lay in bed and sleeeeeep, but that's exactly the opposite of what I'm doing. Yesterday I went for a little shopping time with my daddy and today I'm already back from my lectures but I still will have to go to my volleyball practice (ehhh - wish me not to die). There's no time for resting at all! So while I still have a little time: these are the things that I bought yesterday:
Flatform sneakers - Stradivarius
T-shirt - Reserved
T-shirt - Reserved
These are the cutest! Rubber boots - wawa
Hair doughnut and hairband - H&M
My friend's kitty - who is the cutest thing ever - got interested what I was doing photographing all this stuff on the floor, haha!

That's all, folks! xoxo

May 12, 2014


I loved Lana del Rey since the day I first heard one of her songs - I think it was video games. Since then she is my number 1 favorite artist of all time. I went to her concert last summer and it was just amazing. 
This is her newest single from an upcoming album. I've been listening to 'west coast' audio version every single day for a while now. And today, when I wanted to post the song here, I noticed that there's already a video!
Good listening to you, guys, 'cause the song is so good.

May 11, 2014

How to: get motivated to study

Lately I had real issues with making myself to study. I have a bunch of tests all the time but I just sit procrastinating and doing nothing. But that's not what I should be doing, I really need to pull myself together and start working a little harder. I did a little research about how to get myself motivated and concentrated to work and I thought it might be useful for you too.
So here it goes:
1. Find a place where you won't be distracted and where it is nice, clean and quiet . This can be your room, the library, a cafe - anywhere where's no excess noise and interruptions is good. Avoid places where you're likely to run into your friends. 

2. Make sure you have all of your study supplies. All the paper, highlighters, books, post-its, pencils or anything you might need - find it and take it to your study space before you get started. This way you won't get distracted or interrupt your studying.

3. When you study focus only on studying. Don't start multitasking - watching the TV with one eye, checking your facebook with the other, listening to your friend on the phone and studying at the same time is the worst combination ever. Just concentrate on doing one thing at a time.

4. Wear comfy clothes. Pants that need to be pulled up every other minute, a shirt that doesn't let you breathe are the best distractions. Wear something loose, familiar and soft if you don't want to loose your concentration. Tip: if you have long hair - tie it back

5. Loose the technology. Put your cellphone on silent, if possible - turn off your computer.. My cellphone is my worst distraction - I always check it every other minute and then just start playing some games or going to instagram. I usually need my computer to study, but if you don't - then turn it off. If you really need the computer but not the internet - turn off internet access, it might still keep you out of facebook.

6. Exercise before you study. It should help to make your mind more alert, and give you the endurance you need to study for several hours.

7. Reward yourself when you complete a goal. Think of a small way to reward yourself when you've met your goal. If you're in the middle of a study session, you can take a quick walk, eat a granola bar, or listen to a favorite song (don't forget to set a limit to your break - you still need to get back to studying). If you've finished your study session, then feel free to have some fun by playing games, talking to friends, or watching a video. 
Really hope this helps!

May 7, 2014

April in Bloom

 These past few days I've been like crazy busy. I have so many blog posts lined up in my head, but just don't have the time to do them. Madness! I had to study a lot and I finally made myself to search for a job and I already went to two interviews in one week! Thinking about what job to take and what will not be that good for me actually consumed the greatest amount of time!
 Okay, now about the post. When I was a little girl I was not that big of a fan of flowers and trees blooming. I just didn't care too much for them - I was much more concerned how to climb a certain tree (I was a really boyish little girl). But as I grew I started to care about the beauty of spring more and more. And having this really really beautiful and early spring this year makes me very very happy. These pictures are from a little trip to our university's botanical gardens that me and my very lovely friend had last week. Look how beautiful everything was! We had a little picnick there and then studied for a bit. What can I say - the surroundings were so beutiful and relaxing so even studying was very enjoyable. And spending time with Miglė is always one of my favorite things to do, so the whole afternoon was lovely. 
If my pictures aren't enough for you, you can see my lovely friend's Miglė's pictures on her blog from the same day.
 Have a nice day!