May 16, 2014

Can't hold us

 People often say that medstudents are strange. But it's not a surprise to me - they we really are strange. We are always overworked, the things that we can talk about for hours include stomach pathologies, the anatomy of the chest or some biochemistry reactions. It's not like we're not interested in other things like fashion, art, music, movies etc., but we just don't have the time to always be up to date with everything that's happening in the world, we're studying so much that when it's time for a little leisure time all we can talk about is medicine. But we always try not to talk about studies and medicine, we know that we're boring people and we know that we seem strange, it's just that we can't help ourselves. Last week we went to another city for the weekend and had a little party at one of our friend's house. We almost didn't talk about any medical stuff, we chilled while drinking beer, we played some ballgames outside, we danced a lot in the house, we grilled some food, we sang, we laughed and just had a really great time. It was a nice weekend getaway and it was the rest we all needed a lot.


  1. You look like you all had proper fun! Such a cosy place to gather! And the food... If there's food, one should be in. ^^

  2. but i always think the highest of med students. i think you guys are brilliant and not to mention noble. i used to want to be a doctor when i was a kid but physics class failed me (and therefore i failed it lol) so i'm taking a different course instead, now i'm a corporate lawyer, which i equally think high of.