May 4, 2014

Second Hand Treasures

From time to time I enjoy visiting second hand stores. I really like the idea that you can buy original clothes that no one else probably has. Their "vintage sense" is not just an sense at all - it's really vintage! And the best part that it's really cheap. The only downsides are that it all depends on the luck - sometimes I can find two full bags of beautiful clothing and sometimes I go out empty handed. And the clothing smells funny even after a few washes - but of course there's nothing that a little eau de toilette can't fix. 
 This time I found 5 awesome items that I am already in love with. And it all cost me less than 5 euros (~6$).

A beautiful little black dress. It's a bit too chilly for me to wear it now, but I can see myself wearing it in a few weeks.
A handmade scarf decorated in horse theme. I've been a sucker for horses for a while now, so this scarf really makes me happy
Flower themed skirt. It's actually a bit longer than I would like it to be, so I bended it a bit here, but my mom promised me that she'll make it shorter
This is probably my favourite buy. It's a nice pullover with a leaf theme going on. I already wore it a few times. It's really really cute.

And last but not least is an oversized old dungarees. It's very very big but that makes it extra comfortable. I dreamt for a dungarees for a long time and I finally found one that fits! I doubt that I'll go to the city with it, but it will be perfect for visits to my gramma's garden, bicycle adventures or just a quick run to the grocery store
 That's all folks!


  1. I also love a good second hand bargain! Absolutely love the scarf and the skirt :) so pretty

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. this is why thrifting is such a great thing to do! those stuffs are beautiful!