May 3, 2014

Day 6!

On day 6 of our Italy adventure we should have visited Florence but there were not enought people willing to pay for this little trip so instead we went to a couple small nice towns where to see a tourist is a rare event and where you can see authentic italian life flowing all around you. As much as I tried, I can't remmember the first little town's name.. But I really liked it. There was a huge market happening through the whole town's main street and the commotion was huge. The market had to offer anything you can think of: shoes, fabric, cheese, fruit, sunglasses.. I even saw a man trying to sell a boat. After walking in that madness of a market (which was really fun, by the way), we slipped into a little old coffee shop to have a cappuccino. That little coffee shop was my favorite part of the trip. The bartender was an old man who did not speak English at all. When my mom tried to order a latte (the coffee) he just simply gave here a glass of milk (latte stands for milk in italian). After a huge laught we managed to communicate enought for him to actually make latte the coffee (tip: it's called latte macchiato). The place itself had an awesome vibe too: the windows were dirty, the sign was old and unclear. I can bet that there were some mice living in the walls. In the next hall of the cofee shop there were a few old men playing cards and loudly joking about something in italian. The bathroom smelled of chlorine and had a door that doesn't lock. If I were to came upon such a place in Lithuania I would imediately leave, but being there, in Italy, the placed looked like magic to me. It was like in the old movies about italian mafia - so so cool. 
 The second little town that we visited is called Arqua Petrarca. It's an old old old little town (from middle ages) which is located on and climbs up a mountain. It was really beautiful and peaceful - it might have something to do about the fact that we visited during Siesta hours. We climbed up and down a few times and then settled in a cute pizzeria for a real italian pizza!

 Italy was a great adventure. I loved  every single minute of it and I still can't believe that I went there. I wanted to go for so long and now finally when I did - it happened so fast that I once again can't believe it actually did happen. I'll never forget this trip, it was magical and out of the ordinary. I think I'll be forever grateful that I had this chance but now I have to go on with my life and get used to it again. We spent the last two days of our trip going back through Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland but I was so sad that I barely made any pictures there so that's all of my Italy posts, guys! But I have a lot of new post ideas now. So you'll be seeing much more of me from now on. xx


  1. Such markets are amazing! I love the Italian spirit!

  2. great post! you have a lovely blog!
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    - Janine