May 7, 2014

April in Bloom

 These past few days I've been like crazy busy. I have so many blog posts lined up in my head, but just don't have the time to do them. Madness! I had to study a lot and I finally made myself to search for a job and I already went to two interviews in one week! Thinking about what job to take and what will not be that good for me actually consumed the greatest amount of time!
 Okay, now about the post. When I was a little girl I was not that big of a fan of flowers and trees blooming. I just didn't care too much for them - I was much more concerned how to climb a certain tree (I was a really boyish little girl). But as I grew I started to care about the beauty of spring more and more. And having this really really beautiful and early spring this year makes me very very happy. These pictures are from a little trip to our university's botanical gardens that me and my very lovely friend had last week. Look how beautiful everything was! We had a little picnick there and then studied for a bit. What can I say - the surroundings were so beutiful and relaxing so even studying was very enjoyable. And spending time with Miglė is always one of my favorite things to do, so the whole afternoon was lovely. 
If my pictures aren't enough for you, you can see my lovely friend's Miglė's pictures on her blog from the same day.
 Have a nice day!


  1. my mom would go crazy reading your post, she loves flowers so much! these pictures are fantastic.

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  3. Gorgeous photos (: