May 1, 2014

Day 4: Sirmione and Verona

Inspired. Inspired to blog, inspired to cook, inspired to draw, inspired to photograph, inspired to rollerskate, inspired to work out - that's how I felt all the time this week. I came up with a  lot of ideas for posts, I have some new photographs which are waiting to come up to the daylight. But first I have to continue with my Italy posts. Don't worry - there are only 3 posts left! It seems like the whole trip was already ages ago (or at least last year) - I can't wrap my mind around the idea that it was two weeks ago.
For this post I'm sharing photographs from the town of Sirmione, which is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been, the Garda lake and Verona.
Sirmione, which is a neat small town, blew my mind. It was like something you only see on postcards, but never with your own eyes. Insane - that's how it felt going there.
Verona was a whole lot different: it was a big city, with a lot of people going to work in a quick pace. Verona was probably the place where I wanted to go the most before the trip, because I was always fascinated about seeing Juliette's balcony (yup, I'm a closeted romantic) but I can't say that it was all that special. It was okay, but not wow kind of a place. There were a bunch of screaming children and tourists and when I wanted to look closer at the Juliette's statue I had to make my way through a huge crowd of people. We didn't spend much time in Verona and had to head back to our little hotel in Lido di Jesolo for our supper. 
Next stop: Vincenzo, Podova and Bassano del Grappa!
It rained a little when we rode to Sirmione but other than that the weather was perfect
The biggest lake in Italy - the Garda lake - it was amazing being there!
Having a little swim in the lake
Old roman ruins
A little dolphin on the stearing wheel
Fresh lemons
For 3 euros you can buy a little box of fresh fruit - they were the tastiest I have ever tried
I think I'll never get used to the palm trees
Yup.. more palm trees
Italian gelatto - the ice cream isn't famous for nothing

Verona: The entrance to Juliette's courtyard
A wall where lovers from all over can write their love confessions
Juliette's balcony
And of course the famous little ol' gal we all came to see
It was hard to find an empty street in Verona. All the other streets were crowded
 With love

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