May 13, 2014


To get ahead of myself I would like to apologize for the bad quality pictures. One of my closest friends left for her holidays to Italy and this week I'm living in her place (taking care of the cat - we're both huge cat ladies) and I left my camera at my real home. So I had to make these pictures with my phone. 
Yesterday I started feeling a bit sick and today I know I really am sick with a cold. All I want to do all day is lay in bed and sleeeeeep, but that's exactly the opposite of what I'm doing. Yesterday I went for a little shopping time with my daddy and today I'm already back from my lectures but I still will have to go to my volleyball practice (ehhh - wish me not to die). There's no time for resting at all! So while I still have a little time: these are the things that I bought yesterday:
Flatform sneakers - Stradivarius
T-shirt - Reserved
T-shirt - Reserved
These are the cutest! Rubber boots - wawa
Hair doughnut and hairband - H&M
My friend's kitty - who is the cutest thing ever - got interested what I was doing photographing all this stuff on the floor, haha!

That's all, folks! xoxo


  1. i love your Flatform sneakers! <3

  2. The cat is so cute, I love cats too!! :)

  3. Oh I love those rubber boots! :D
    Great stuff you got!
    x Sandra
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  4. the flatform sneakers is so cute!

    come visit my blog somtimes :)

  5. Such a great purchases! :)
    Come and visit my blog if you want!