November 28, 2013


A week ago me and my dad went on a little shopping spree. Lately I've been thinking a lot about not buying anything I do not need. Money doesn't grow on trees and buying stuff that you use once or twice in half of a year is very impractical. I have a lot of clothes that I don't wear anyomore or even some that I did not wear that much at all and they're just filling up space. So I tried to concentrate only on the things that I really need.I didn't buy anything I did not need, just the essentials even thought there were some wanderings to jewelry stands and some cute accesories. But I'm not really a jewelry person, I might wear some earings or a necklace and I always wear a watch but I don't like having a ton of things on my body. The lesser - the better. So I managed not to buy any jewelry at all.
A very very cold winter is coming this year so I needed some extra warm knitted grey gloves. H&M
Openwork knit jersey. It is so soft and warm! I'm in love with a clothing piece. Stradivarius
Knitted grey hat. H&M
Knitted black tube scarf to keep my neck warm and me healthy. H&M
A black elegant maxi dress to have something to wear to some classy events. Also from H&M
Rubber effect skater skirt because I needed a new skirt for some time now ( It is not green, I don't know why it looks so here). Stradivarius
Canvas sneakers. I needed new ones for my dance class because the old ones already have holes in them. H&M
 Have a good last day of the working week!
Love, Kamile

November 27, 2013

It snowed!

This year we had an incredibly beautiful and warm autumn and now with December being less than a week away from now I feel really excited for the snow. Today when I left for university it was really cold outside. While walking down the last street from the university I decided that I need to switch my autumn coat and wear the winter one tommorow because it's just too chilly with this one but I had no idea that the winter will come by tommorow.
When we were listening to our human anatomy lecture I looked out the window and saw the huge snow storm outside! By the time our lectures were done there was a lot of snow everywhere and it still kept snowing strongly. I came back home totally wet and the pictures that I took with my phone are really blurry but I still am very excited because it means that Christmas is not that far away. And that means that it's already time to feel the Christmas' spirit with all the lights, songs, cozy sweaters and warm socks, hot coco, cheesy Christmas movies and all the other things that I love so much! 

Love, Kamile

November 23, 2013

Saturday special #2

I'm thinking of buying this dress from pull & bear. I already can imagine myself wearing it.
I think that these hyper realistic sculptures by Ron Mueck are amazing. They are really disturbing but cool at the same time. See more here.

Already feeling Christmas spirit, especially after this insane video.
Contacts and connections
Sundays on the street
Cure for stomach ache
These are some cool minimalist pictures that show difference between East (China) and West (Germany). See more here.
Some extremely beautiful pictures of my country - Lithuania. I always thought that out landscape was beautiful but even I did not think it's that beautiful from above. See more here.

A beautiful idea to make the world a place where there are more friends than strangers

Some stunning portraits of the world's remotest tribes before they pass away. I highly recomend to see more of these incredible views here.
Understanding all the sayings directly
That's just too cute! A toddler takes daily naps with his 2-month-old puppy. If you're not overwhelmed with cuteness just yet, then you can see some more pics and the the story behind it here.
I've been obsessed with this song lately. Lyrics are Lana del Rey's, the tune is from an amazing movie 'requiem from a dream' and Bastille is the one performing it. It doesn't get better than that!

Have an amazing rest of the weekend
Love, Kamile

November 20, 2013

Le portfolio de Kyle Thompson

It's been a long time since I've done "le portfolio de...". But I just hadn't found any photographer that I wanted to share here. That was until today when I found Kyle Thompson. 
Kyle Thompson is a 21 year old photographer from Chicago. As he claims in his blog, right now he is living in his car while traveling through us/canada. A few years back he was a shy boy from the suburbs of Chicago who went to college and had a job as pizza delivery boy. When he was 19 years old, he dropped out of college to follow his dream. Not a full year later Kyle became a recognized and desired young photographer with a distinct style.
Using himself as the main character in almost all of the shots, for a good shot Kyle’s willing to soak in freezing mud or set his clothes on fire.
 He creates fantastic alternative realities full of signs, symbols and deeper meanings. As he says, he feels more like a writer manifesting his thoughts and moods through visual art than a photographer. By looking at Thompson’s photography, you can feel yourself being dragged into his quiet dreamy solitude.*
I especially like his work because of the bizzarness and the beuty that lies in that weirdness. In my opinion he is extremely talented and all of his pictures look really good quality.
 Enjoy, Kamile

November 14, 2013


Calling the dark lord

Bellatrix and professor McGonagal partying together
Harry and Genie

 Yup... I know, I'm half a month late. But there's just so much work to do all the time that I didn't manage to find some spare time to look trough the pictures and post them here. But better late than never.
 These photos are from a halloween party that me and my pals from university had. We decided to do a Harry Potter themed party and we all felt really excited for the idea. Our degeration grew up with Harry Potter books ans movies and it somehow means a lot for all of us. So every single one of us picked a character that suited us the best ( I was Luna Lovegood!), dressed up and went to party. Once again I can only repeat myself by saying how much I love these people. They're the most fun human beings to be with ever! The party was great.
  Me and a handful of people, who survived 'till the end, when the party was over, took our things and went to McDonalds to get some hangover breakfast and coffee. It was about 7'o'clock in the morning and at 8 a.m. we had lectures! The most of us skipped those lectures but I and 5 other people went to a biochemistry lecture with our costumes on. One of my friends was with pink hair! It was hard sit through the lectures but we were the center of attention that morning and it was really fun. 
The whole awesome gang. Love you, guys!
 Love, Kamile