November 3, 2013


 October was rougher for me than September was. Life did not flow as easily as I would have wanted it to be. But those hard moments made the happy one's stands out more and it made me more greatful for the good that I had in my life. 
October was all about:
- Gasping every time I went to the university out of beauty that my city gives every single morning. Even when I'm late, I take the longer path just to see the beautiful view and to be inspired by it.
- Exploring autumn wood and lakes with my daddy. We were looking for new fishing and camping places that we can use next year.
- Mushroom picking with my family. Don't worry! We didn't take this shroom home. It was just so beautiful that I needed to take a picture of it.
- Seeing some shows. This was a rock/metal show that I went to see with my dad. I'm not a big fan of metal music but my dad loves the oldies and he really wanted to go to this "U.D.O" show so I went with him and even liked few songs. But it was a little too long for my taste.
- Involving myself into university's activities. This was an event for freshmen that the second year students made.
- Escaping from university on gaps between lectures with my lovely girls to get some amazing food.
-Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. This autumn really suprised me with it's beauty. My dad says it's a compensation because we didn't had any spring this year (summer came right after winter which lasted the whole spring).
- Picking flowers at my grandma's garden for the last few times.
- Loving the days when I could get away to the countryside and leting my grandma to stuff me with delicious foods.
- Eating a looooot of raspberries because the raspberry harvest this year was enormous.
- Loving my kitty more and more every day.

- Dancing and doing it really often.
- Listening to a lot of jazz music.
- Studying all the days and nights.

 I hope your October was good too. Now let's see what November brings.
Love, Kamile

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  1. love your thoughts! nd those shots are beyond inspiring! hope November treats you better, doll.