November 9, 2013

Saturday special #1

I love when other bloggers share some cute or interesting stuff that they've found on the internet. I'm always curious to see some special pictures, new songs or videos or basically anything that I haven't seen. That's why I decided to share interesting findings of my own once in a while as well. I called it "saturday special", but I can already tell that I will not do this every Sat. Firstly because I don't usually stay home on Saturdays and when I'm gone, I can't post anything. And secondly because of my studies I don't have that much of free time to surf the internet. But I promise to do it as often as I can!
 I'm sooo in love with this and basically every dress from 'free people' store.

Dieing to find time to try this recipe and finally making macarons by myself.
I really liked these pictures of old farmhouses made by photographer NikiFeijens. Click here to see more.
What a cool idea this mom had and turned it real with her baby.
Makes you think.
I think that these famous childrens books' minimalist posters by designer Christian Jackson are brilliant.

These pictures of the groceries people consume in a week show the inormous difference between the 1st world countries and the third world countries. It makes me think of all the time's I've overeaten when these poor people starved and it hurts my heart (USA in the first photo and Chad in the second one).
I cried from laughter yesterday while watching Mitch Hedberg's performances. His humour is great!

I always like seeing old deserted places and then tracing down how they looked in their glory days. For me it feels like traveling in time. So I really like these photos.
This song feels kind of weird but I like the weirdness.


  1. I love this Saturday Special idea of yours :) I could tell that first dress was something from Free People ahah! I've found that video about our life time quite depressing and thoughtful, got all introspective about it... I asked myself what am I gonna do today and the answer is "Working" which is pretty sad :/ Also have a thing for abandoned places and sadly I guess there won't be time to explore all of them! Bah... xx

    1. Thank you, Olivia! I wanted to these kind of posts for a long time now, but I just didn't know how to start.
      Yeah, Free People really have their own style. But it's incredible in my opinion!
      The video is kind of depressing but it motivates me to stay out of facebook and rather do something important.
      Abandoned places are sooo cool! I feel that pain, sis, haha!

  2. nice inspiration!!!!

  3. I've been dying to try macarons, but I never thought of making them myself!