November 27, 2013

It snowed!

This year we had an incredibly beautiful and warm autumn and now with December being less than a week away from now I feel really excited for the snow. Today when I left for university it was really cold outside. While walking down the last street from the university I decided that I need to switch my autumn coat and wear the winter one tommorow because it's just too chilly with this one but I had no idea that the winter will come by tommorow.
When we were listening to our human anatomy lecture I looked out the window and saw the huge snow storm outside! By the time our lectures were done there was a lot of snow everywhere and it still kept snowing strongly. I came back home totally wet and the pictures that I took with my phone are really blurry but I still am very excited because it means that Christmas is not that far away. And that means that it's already time to feel the Christmas' spirit with all the lights, songs, cozy sweaters and warm socks, hot coco, cheesy Christmas movies and all the other things that I love so much! 

Love, Kamile

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