November 14, 2013


Calling the dark lord

Bellatrix and professor McGonagal partying together
Harry and Genie

 Yup... I know, I'm half a month late. But there's just so much work to do all the time that I didn't manage to find some spare time to look trough the pictures and post them here. But better late than never.
 These photos are from a halloween party that me and my pals from university had. We decided to do a Harry Potter themed party and we all felt really excited for the idea. Our degeration grew up with Harry Potter books ans movies and it somehow means a lot for all of us. So every single one of us picked a character that suited us the best ( I was Luna Lovegood!), dressed up and went to party. Once again I can only repeat myself by saying how much I love these people. They're the most fun human beings to be with ever! The party was great.
  Me and a handful of people, who survived 'till the end, when the party was over, took our things and went to McDonalds to get some hangover breakfast and coffee. It was about 7'o'clock in the morning and at 8 a.m. we had lectures! The most of us skipped those lectures but I and 5 other people went to a biochemistry lecture with our costumes on. One of my friends was with pink hair! It was hard sit through the lectures but we were the center of attention that morning and it was really fun. 
The whole awesome gang. Love you, guys!
 Love, Kamile

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