November 28, 2013


A week ago me and my dad went on a little shopping spree. Lately I've been thinking a lot about not buying anything I do not need. Money doesn't grow on trees and buying stuff that you use once or twice in half of a year is very impractical. I have a lot of clothes that I don't wear anyomore or even some that I did not wear that much at all and they're just filling up space. So I tried to concentrate only on the things that I really need.I didn't buy anything I did not need, just the essentials even thought there were some wanderings to jewelry stands and some cute accesories. But I'm not really a jewelry person, I might wear some earings or a necklace and I always wear a watch but I don't like having a ton of things on my body. The lesser - the better. So I managed not to buy any jewelry at all.
A very very cold winter is coming this year so I needed some extra warm knitted grey gloves. H&M
Openwork knit jersey. It is so soft and warm! I'm in love with a clothing piece. Stradivarius
Knitted grey hat. H&M
Knitted black tube scarf to keep my neck warm and me healthy. H&M
A black elegant maxi dress to have something to wear to some classy events. Also from H&M
Rubber effect skater skirt because I needed a new skirt for some time now ( It is not green, I don't know why it looks so here). Stradivarius
Canvas sneakers. I needed new ones for my dance class because the old ones already have holes in them. H&M
 Have a good last day of the working week!
Love, Kamile