May 2, 2014

Day 5: Vincenzo, Podova, Bassano del Grappa

On day 5 we visited 3 different cities. They were all really great and wonderful. I kinda got used to saying that 'that city was beautiful' and 'that other city was beautiful too' and 'that tree is beautiful' about stuff in Italy. But the word 'beautiful' doesn't even start to describe how Italy really looks like. It's beutiful, it's magical, it's wonderful, it blows your mind - that's how Italy is. By saying 'beautiful' I  mean all those great qualities. So yeah, Italy is beautiful.
Olympic theatre in Vincenzo
A basilica in Podova
Me in the basilica's courtyard
An overly photogenic pigeon
"Uno cappucino per favore. Grazie"
I had to take a picture of myself in the most expensive restaurant's bathroom in Podova
A sweet boy bought me a flawor. I don't know why they call Paris the city of love, 'cause all the cities in Italy are the cities of love.
Bassano del Grappa view
Grappa - the traditional alcoholic drink. It tastes really good.
Moonlight in the Adrian sea

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