September 26, 2014

The Happy list

The other night when I was jogging in the nearby park I looked up and for a little moment just felt so happy. I felt that I am so blessed to have all these beautiful things in my life, to be so free and do all the things I love. I just couldn't keep all the joy inside and then I thought that I really would like to do the happy list again 'cause it's been ages since I've done it the last time. So here it is - the things that are making me happy right now:

 1. My lovely beautiful kitty called Tera, which is hiding from the camera in the above picture. I'm so happy to have this pluffy ball of fur full of love in my life.

 2. The upcoming trip to Rome with my best friend. It's the second time in Italy for both of us  this year. When I visited in the spring, I didn't get the chance to see Rome, but fell in love with the country with all my heart. So now I'm so excited for going to Italy again and finally seeing Rome.

 3. My running shoes. I know this sounds weird, but I love love LOVE my running shoes. I used to run with simple sneakers and my knees used to hurt so much after the run, but now when I bought proper running shoes, running became the best feeling in the world.

 4. Running itself! I don't know if I even have to explain this statement. Every single person who has ever tried jogging, knows the euphorical feelings that I'm talking about.

 5. Autumn weather kicking in. I am so ready for the big cozy sweaters, dark red nail polishes, huge cups of tea and all of the whatnots that make autumn so beautiful and cozy

 6. Speaking of autumn, I'm really happy that it's finally cold enough for litting all of my room in scented candles and not suffocating from it.

 7. Buying medical books! This sounds so silly, but since I really love my medicine studies and all the things I have to learn, I feel really excited to finally own some of those smart, big, beautiful books myself.

 8. Pumpkin season! I looooove pumpkins! Pumkin soups, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin slumgullion, pumpkin EVERYTHING.

 9.My new kitty watch. This might be a little silly and shallow, but I'm so happy for a cat watch that my daddy gave me last week. It's just so cute! You can see it on my instagram here.

 10. Finally joining student's association and feeling really good and ready for it. It's an organisation that is the voice of the students and they do all of the great stuff to make our Uni better. Usually people join on their first year of Uni. I'm a third-year student now and I just joined, but I really feel that it's the most perfect time for me.

These are totally not all of the things that are making me happy right now, but these are the first to come to mind. There are so many little things that make everyday so beautiful and special. I really do think that little things are the most important in life. But I think, it would take a year to list all of them here. So we'll stick with the bigger things right now. I have to go to a lecture now, but have a nice weekend! And I hope to be back here soon!
Love, Kamile

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