September 28, 2014


 Looking at these pictures I think wow - I must have the most beautiful friends ever.
 Last weekend my friends and I went to the country side to enjoy the last splash of warm weather and celebrate the birthday of a handsome man by the wheel in the first picture who happens to be my almost-bestfriend. The whole evening in the beautiful coutryside was spent playing ball games, roasting some meat, dancing and playing a lot of silly games outside. The weather was perfect and the whole evening was really cute and cozy, too bad that my camera's battery died really early and I didn't get to make a lot of pictures. But at least I was able to catch some of the fun moments in the beginning.
 In the mean time - how is your weekend going? Mine is pretty bussy: today I had a training session for participating in the "big brother/big sister" program, then went out for some coffee with an old friend and finally went to the cinema to see the best lithuanian movie that I have EVER seen - "the gambler" - it was sooooooo cool! You definitely must watch it!
So have a good weekend, don't forget to rest and see you next time!
Love, Kamile


  1. wow! These pictures look so fun and filled with memories. Makes me miss Fall in Los Angeles.


  2. Love your photography and your friends seem lovely. I followed you on Bloglovin'. X