March 22, 2014

Home is whenever I'm with you

There are those moments. The ones that make you stop for a minute and appreciate them. The ones that can make up for a louzy day or even a louzy week. The ones that you want to remmember for a long time. These moments are so short and blurry that you can't sometimes even remmember what day or month it was but you can easily tell what pants you were wearing, how light that fell through the window looked, the feeling how your hair brushed your cheek when you were laughting your heart out, what song was playing and how that pancake, that you were eating at the moment, tasted. These moments pop out of nowhere but when they come you suddenly feel so extatic and happy that can not help but smile at the beauty of it. 
 Lately I've been having more of these moment. Maybe it has something with me trying to appreciate everything that I have more, maybe it's just spirng making me happier, but it doesn't matter at all why they come, it matters that they do. Yesterday we had a break between some lectures and went home to  make pancakes and some hot coco. The idea of it is not special at all. But being with these people, talking to them, laughing with them, feeling their love and appreciation and loving and appreciating them is more than special. When I am with them, I feel that I am where I belong. They say that home is where the heart is, so it this case - they are my home.
Love, Kamilė


  1. Kokios jūs visos gražios! :)

  2. Labas! Nominavau Tave Liebster'io apdovanojimui :)

  3. Those moments are the ones worth living for! I usually say that if I remember the outfit I was wearing on a certain day, it's probably because it was a relevant day ahah x