March 7, 2014

Life lately in #instagrams

1. Jogging in the park every weekend 2. Making green smothies every morning
3. Enjoying our city parks again, after not visiting them the whole winter 
4.  Reading myself to bed every night. It's nice to get lost in a book
5. Well, those smothies are so awesome that they deserve even more instagrams! 
6. The freshmen that I tutor at my Uni gave me a late birthday gift. This cup is 
more than awesome 'cause I love chemistry! (the symbol is caffeine)
7. Appreciating how nice my city looks at night 8.Isn't it just beautiful?
9. Blueberry cupcakes! I'm surely in the baking mood these days
10.  The city doesn't look too bad during day time either, doesn't it?

Have a nice weekend!


  1. What I like about smoothies is that they're so healthy and they make you feel full!
    #6 reminded me of Breaking Bad... incredible ahah!

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