March 9, 2014

Let's go to the fair!

This weekend in Vilnius was all about anual Kaziukas' fair - it's an old lithuanian tradition. Usually the weather is really rainy on the days of the fair, but this time it was extraordinary beautiful and sunny! Yesterday I went with my dad and later with my friends and today I went again with my mom. The fair was nice as always, but I have never seen so many people here, it was insane - I felt like in a rock'n'roll concert with all these people. Also yesterday I bought a lot of traditional snacks like mushrooms made of dough, ginger-bread men and got a food poisoning so today I was more careful with the stuff that I bought and ate there.

One thing I really liked was that I bought my first dream catcher! Yeah, I know I should be ashamed for calling my blog 'the dream carcher' and not actually having a real dream catcher, but I just never found one that fit me. Until today! I always wanted one and here it is in the first picture. I can't be happier about it! Now I'm a real dream catcher!

Oh, and I almost forgot - I've got these beautiful tulips for the international 'woman's day'. I think they are sooo pretty! I'm kinda obsessed with anything pink and flowers are no exception!
Love, Kamilė


  1. Kokios gražios nuotraukos! Ir sveikinu pagaliau įsigijus tai, ko taip ilgai norėjai :) x