January 21, 2013

How they move

This last week for me was really interesting. My winter exams finally finished and I passed them all so that's a hurray for me! And I at last started living again. It's been a busy week and the time flew right through me.
 I went out with my friends from university and we had a blast - I could not believe how close we became in this short period of time. We were laughing, dancing and it felt like I know these people not just a few months but more like a few years. And it's a huge change from my classmates from school with whom we were never close.
The day after I met one close friend, then after that - one old friend and it was nice to get some human contact with people that are not from my Uni.
After that I went to a crazy lindyhop party with some friends and I can't even remember when was the last time when it felt so good to move. I totally danced my heart out and barely made it home because my body was just aching but my soul felt ecstatic.
The next day I had to get up early ( 11 in the morning becomes early for me when I'm on vacation) and go to a rehearsal with my partner because we're building a dance for our first(!) show that's only a week away (if I'm not  too embarrassed I'll share the video here). Then I visited my dad (who I miss a lot since we're not living together anymore). And in the evening went to see a play which I really enjoyed. I love theater and it's a shame that I can't go and see it as much as I would like to.
And finally I spent most of today indoors - I baked muffins, watched gossip girl on my laptop and then went to my upstairs neighbour's apartment where we lay in bed, ate my muffins, drank tea and watched TV. I adore these lazy days after such busy weeks, then I can feel harmony inside of me.
Hope that the rest of the vacation will be as nice as it begun.

P.S.I almost forgot! I added a video that I found on "What the Hop is Happening" internet newsletter. It's just something about the way they move - hypnotizing (don't get scared with the creepy beginning - it get's better). So I had to share it:)

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