January 15, 2013

Zenit #2

On my way to my dad's place

Christmas lights in Vilnius

My lovely grandpa was too shy to smile

Waiting for a movie with Migle

I let my friend play with the camera for a bit

Birthday champagne

Christmas fair

She just loves books

I could just eat them all

Trying to decide

My little shy friend didn't want to smile so I made her laugh

This is the second tape from my old Zenit photo camera that I'm sharing here. The last tape was from the summer of 2010, this one is from december of 2012. I  know it's a bit too late for Christmas photos but I only had time to get these photos done a week ago and I recieved them today. So better late than never, right? I didn't use any photoshop, all the colours are made by the camera and that is why I love it so much:)