June 10, 2013

Song challenge

Actually, nobody challenged me to do this. But I saw this idea in another blog and I liked it so much that decided to do it without anyone asking me too.
A song that makes you dance
A song that makes you sad
A song that reminds you of someone

Even though I don't really like this song a lot but it reminds me of even two lost friends.
A song that reminds you of some place

 Me and my friend had to go on a road trip to Croatia's national park and as we talked about it and imagined it I would always listen to this song. Now this song reminds me of a place I should have visited but never did.
A song that reminds you of some event 
This one is my new year's eve. But there are a lot of other ones that remind me something.
A song that makes you laugh
The song itself is not funny, but the expressions of the artist makes me laugh so hard that I even cry.
A song that you know all (or most) of the words
This could be almost every Lana's song.
A song you love in another language
It's a nursery rhyme and we actually had to learn to sing it in Spanish lectures. I think this song is amazingly tender and beautiful.
A song you’re embarrassed to say you love
A song you’re proud to say you love
A song you loved but now hate

I loved it for a week or so and I hate every minute of it.
A song you hated but now love

I don't really like Daft Punk, but there's something about this song.
A song you like in a genre (category) you don’t like
A song with a better cover (than the original)
A song original not likely to be bettered by a cover

There are a lot of covers, but I love the original version the most.
A song that is romantic for you 
I think it's the cutest song ever. 
A song you want to play at your funeral
It's a bit ironic I think, I had to choose between "highway to hell" and "stairway to heaven".
A song you wish you could play or sing (or perform)
A song you wish you could duet with someone (who?)
A song you wish someone could sing to you (who)

One boy that I met 2years ago at the bar who looked just like Paolo.
A song you feel was written for you 

 I found this song when I was 17 and I would always imagine that it was written about me. 

A song about a cause you care a lot for
The first song you can remember loving

I remember when I was about 5 years old and I would always watch the video with my dad on MTV. I truly loved MJ from the beginning of me.