June 4, 2013

So the adventures begin...

Yesterday, when I was supposed to be studying for the exam I had today, I putted all my work and books away and alongside with Marius hitchhiked our way to the seaside. I can not believe we actually managed to do everything in time. Hitchhiking was awesome since I haven't done it for more than a year. We were so successful with cars that we hadn't had to wait for more than 5min for one to stop and take us. When we got to the seaside we rolled around in the sand, I drew a little sun on his belly with some sand to give him a sunburn tattoo (I succeeded!), we chatted a lot when enjoying the extreme warm sun and delightful wind which kept us cool. Before leaving we changed to our swimsuits and ran into impossibly cold water while screaming because of the freezing little waves we ran into. Then we went for some ice-cream, chilled a little on a bench and finished our visit in the seaside by running into a fountain. We hitchhiked our way back home in no time and were home before 10p.m. and I even got some time to study (which I did not). The whole trip was really fun and we both got funny sunburns. The beginning of the summer is definitely awesome!

Oh! And Lana's Del Rey concert is today! I'm soooo excited!

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