August 9, 2013

She's a silver lining

Life has been beautiful lately. I had so much to do and so many places to be that I've totally abandoned my blog. But it was the good kind of busy. I've wanted to do all those things and be in all those places. Some time before I've always carried this one bad thought with me wherever I went - "'here isn't where I wanna be". When one day I realized that it's wrong to waste my life this way. I had to change something, do something. And now I only go where I want be, I do only what I enjoy doing or at least enjoy the result that my work brings. I've been living my days as I have always wanted to. My beloved ones and I visited some beautiful festivals where the sun burned our skin but the music fed our hungry souls. An amazing team of people and I also organized a camp for freshmen with the most beautiful hearts that I've ever seen.We worked day and night, sleeping barely 6 hours in three days. However, the smiles and beautiful words from our young colleagues filled us up with joy and energy and everything could not turned up better.  My body is aching, there isn't a muscle in body that does not hurt right now but my soul is so ecstatic. I've never loved people more than I do right now. But I will stop writing right now because my body screams for sleep. But when I wake up, world, hold on.

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