August 21, 2013


What could ever be better? The air is so fresh and chilly that it sends shivers down my spine. Finally, after the long day I can inhale some air to my lungs and feel the ease coming. Everyhing is so much more beutiful at night. I can only jog and enjoy it at nights. There are no people, no stares or unapproving looks. I can relax at just forget the world. Every little detail around me looks magical and mysterious. And the adrenaline rush that flows through my body every time I hear something or see something move. It feels like I will never have to stop, like I could run forever into the night and never come back. There are nothing else just freedom and open space. And don't get me started about the stars and the moon. I've never seen a view that is more magical than the night sky. Everything feels different at night. Better.

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