August 14, 2013

Come and take me away

 After I had these few busy weeks I was totally ready for resting a bit. Reading some books (ooh, how I love to read, but barely find time for it), watching some movies and shows on my laptop and finally getting enough sleep. But after I read about 500 pages from a great book, watched 2 movies and a bunch of episodes of my newly liked show and three days of sleeping later I feel bored. All of my bestfriends left the city. Even my dad, who was supposed to spend time with me, left for camping with his girlfriend. I am totally ALONE.
 Sometimes I like these breaks. 90% of the time I am a people's person and I truly adore spending time with friends. But even I need some quality time to get my thoughts in order and think about something deeper than fashion, food and good weather. Actually I really do like being only with my self. Then I can create some magical memories. I remember one time when I was alone at my grandparent's summerhouse I took my bike and rode through the forests. It was three years back. But I still remember the smell of the lake nearby and of the moss that grew everywhere, the way the light broke through the trees and  the rich green colours that surrounded me. You can't get these memories when you're with friends. Details can get recognized only when you're alone. Only when you pay attention. When I got back from that ride I felt revived and peaceful. That is the reason why some alone time is so magical and beautiful.
But enough is enough. I miss my friends, I miss laughing and singing and dancing with them. Maybe the magical memories are really made alone, but the best memories are made with friends. I doubt that I would really like my summer as much if not for my people. They help making me who I truly am. They make me feel alive.   

A song that I've been listening to all the time these past few days.

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