October 26, 2013

The happy list

An awesome blogger had an awesome idea - people should do their happy lists and link them to her. I really liked the thought of it, so here's the list of things that make me happy:

1. My cat - that fluffy ball of fur has been making me happy for 12 years now.
2. Pumpkins. It's pumpink soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin everything these days.
3. When the sun shines early in the morning and you know that the day will be beautiful.
4. My friends. I really need to be with people most of the time and my friends are unbelievable. 
5. Calming music. I don't imagine my life without it.
6. Peppermint tea with raspberries - I drink it every single day.
7. Learning. Don't confuse it with studying. I really dislike the studying process, but I love to learn and I adore noticing that my knowledge of things has grown.
8. Drawing. I don't get the chance to do that very often but  when I do I feel extatic.
9. A hot bath. I tend to have those as often as possible, everyone can always use a bit of relaxation.
10. Starting a new book. I liked it from the first pages.
I took this picture about two weeks ago
Have a great weekend!
Love, Kamile


  1. My cats always make my happy list that is for sure. So glad you have so many wonderful things on your happy list :)

    1. Lovely list, doll! anything that inspires the soul in the end contributes to your happiness!


    2. Once more I totally agree with you, dear!